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Failure of Extreme Liberalism
Democrats2 - the Sequel

Liberalism Downward Trend Oh No!!!!!

For August 20,2009

In this sequel to my first Democrats article, it is necessary to point out the extremes of both the Conservative and the Liberal positions. As a nation, we already know how bad it gets with extreme Conservatism. Yes, during the last half of the 19th century, conditions for working men and women were appalling. Greedy industrialists created repugnant working conditions for the wage earner. Labor Unions sprang up in defense of the worker, and Congress passed labor laws to curb some of the wanton greed by the industrialists of those times. The labor laws instituted by the Federal Government were necessary to rescue workers from abuse.

The late 1800's and early 1900's marked the beginning of the swing to the left. No one can doubt the necessity for that drift during those periods.

There is an old saying that comes to mind about things that do well, "If a little medicine does a little good, then a lot of medicine will do a lot of good." Not exactly a true statement, but it sums up the way we feel about almost everything. Eating is enjoyable, so we eat more. And we all know that eating more just makes us fat and susceptible to debilitating consequences. So by extrapolation, if a little bit of Liberalism is good, a lot more will harm you. We have never been to the extreme left before, so the point at which it has its comeuppance is yet to be determined. But mark it well, if the Liberals don't kill the country first, a reckoning for their extreme philosophy will come.

Over the years, the Democratic politicians have taken the country further and further to the left. Some of the Democratic politicians are true believers in Liberalism, while others just use the Liberal platform to further their ambition. For whatever reasons given, we as a nation now find ourselves under the control of the extreme left. And, just as being in the control of the extreme right a hundred years ago, the extreme left is just as bad.

Moving further to the left will have profound effects on our nation. Individualism is a casualty. Instead of working for our own personal interest, we find more of our earnings going to the State. The politicians relish in the ways they can spend your money. The greed of the state in today's times is comparable to the greed of the industrialists of the late 1800's. Literally, there is no difference between the two. Abuse is abuse whether from an industrialist or a politician.

The Democrats are in the process of ransacking the very core of our economy. Because of over taxation, and the Democrat's support for greedy labor unions, we can no longer produce commodities at competitive prices. Our businesses have had to make very stark choices, either move to a country that doesn't tax them to death or close down. Either choice leaves the American worker out in the cold. What is remarkable about the situation is that America is actually considering rewarding those Democrats who put us in this situation complete control of our health care system. That is exactly what we do not need; - bureaucrats in charge of who gets treated and even the treatment.

I neglected the third choice facing American business; they can hire lobbyists to influence Congress to get favorable legislation. That practice is very common at the present. The problem with businesses getting special favors from the Congress is that not every business can participate. The Washington greed machine will not kill all of their revenue streams, so only the squeakiest wheels get the legislative grease. It puts Congress in the business of choosing which business succeeds and which business fails. What a deal!

No, I am not thinking that we are going to be a destitute nation in the near term, but we are digging deep into our bag of resources and the bag is not bottomless. The tyranny of big government is real and the American voter should take it seriously. We need to take this country back to the right to save it from itself. And when it oversteps itself to the right, it will be necessary to once again, turn left.

It was after World War-2 that the middle-class flourished. The new and larger middle-class represented a new challenge to the Democrats. Workers made enough money to have homes and cars and an upscale type of existence. They also wanted less interference from the government and started voting Republican. The idea that a group of people was no longer dependent on their social programs scared the crap out of the Democrats. Eisenhower's victory in 1952 and 1956 only served to fire up the left. The Democrats had no love for the Blacks but needed their votes to make up for their losses of the middle class. The idea that Democrats had great sympathy for the Black cause is not true. The Boll Weevil Southern Democrats fought integration with every ounce of their being. Integration only came about because of the Republicans. The Republican vote passed the Civil Rights legislation, over the Democratic opposition.

To solidify the Blacks as a unified voting bloc, the Democrats spawned the welfare state. Democrats never meant to empower Blacks, just keep them in the fold so they would vote Democratic. The total effort was to make up the votes they were losing because of a successful middle class. They were successful. Today Blacks vote 85% - 95% Democratic.

Since the end of WW-2, we have been a party to the decay of public morality. In 1957 a very liberal Supreme Court refused to define pornography, instead of issuing an unambiguous definition of pornography, they deferred to 'community standards'. Another Supreme Court decision in 1968 held that individuals could enjoy porn in privacy. Today, porn is not isolated to the confines of a person's home; it is now flourishing in the open. Democratic policy allows sex of all stripes because they believe that while pursuing pleasures, you won't notice or care that they are looting your country. The thought here is that you would rather sin than succeed. The Democrats of today will do anything to gain political power, and that includes allowing divisive lifestyles to flourish. Such naked political greed has its own set of consequences though. The process has weakened the moral fiber that once bound us together, and the chapter of that consequence has not been written yet..

Democrats cannot allow their constituents to succeed. Democrats understand that when Americans succeed that they don't need Democrats or their handouts. By making Blacks wards of the state, Democrats have assured themselves of majority status for years to come. The damage done to the Black community and its social structure is of no importance to the Democrats. Only the Black vote means anything.


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