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GOP Hopefuls - A 2nd Look

Over Population
Second Look
At the Candidates

Posted on November 7, 2011

This is my second attempt at figuring out the GOP field of candidates. As yet, I still haven't arrived at a decision as to who I will support. Putting thoughts on paper always helps me make decisions. Writing about the candidates, forces more thought about what each candidate brings to the table. In no particular order, here is my latest thinking about the GOP and this set of candidates.

Rick Perry: First and up front, I am no big Perry fan. As I wrote in my last article though, I think he got a bum rap on the issues of immigration and the vaccination program. There is no evidence of Perry being corrupt, and as far as I can see, Perry is a man of faith. That being said, Perry continues to be uninspiring and evidently a one issue candidate with energy his centerpiece to solve everything. I would support Perry only if he won the nomination.

Ron Paul: The strong isolationist views and Libertarian stand on most issues puts me at odds with Ron Paul; I would support him begrudgingly if he won the Republican nomination. There continues to be a core of Paul supporters who are shrill enough to make themselves heard. However, they will fall short of their goal of getting Paul nominated. However, Paul is to be credited for giving voice to ideas that need consideration.

Rick Santorum: A strong conservative, but one who can't find a way to break through. I put Rick Santorum in the category of a good choice but will fail in his run for the GOP nomination. Santorum comes across as desperate when he has his say in the debates. His media exposure has been practically non-existent. He is overshadowed by the media darlings and he doesn't have the money to get his ideas into the voting arena. A conservative voice like the one of Santorum is sorely needed in Washington; I just wish he would run for an office he could win.

Herman Cain: It would be a lie to infer that I do not like Herman Cain. However, some of his statements puzzle me. His non-committal stand on abortion during the last debate reflected a man without any real conviction about the subject. Of course, politics being what they are, he has since become a pro-lifer. Cain found out quickly that muddled, middle-of-the-road non-convictions are not well received by conservatives. The non-substantiated claims of sexual harassment against Cain are not a factor with my opinion about Cain. I personally feel like Cain has been blindsided with non-provable, non-specific claims of sexual harassment by anonymous accusers.

Mitt Romney: Mitt has a lot going for him. I would support Mitt if he was the party nominee, but that is the limit I would go. Mitt always seems to be holding back and as a result comes across bland. My ideal candidate is one who has strong core beliefs. The person I want to see nominated is the candidate who espouses that core, not just a highly polished knob spewing popular dogma. Establishment Republicans want Mitt because they think Mitt is a pliable figure and not a person who would let a thing like core principles get in the way.

Michele Bachman: I am perfectly happy with keeping her strong conservative voice in the House of Representatives. I would support her only if she became the Republican nominee. A tireless worker and a person with convictions is a recipe that I like. However, she is not going to win the primaries, even in the state where she won the straw poll. But her voice is extremely valuable in the House of Representative for the conservative cause. I would urge her to continue the work she is doing. After she has some accomplishments she can build upon, then she may be able to make her case for the Presidency.

Newt Gingrich: Newt is the closest to being my choice for the Republican nominee. He is a scholar of history, an accomplished politician, and probably the most intellectually potent person in the race. The knock against Newt is his personal baggage concerning his previous wife. Lately though, his daughter has disavowed the public version of Newt's famous hospital visit to his ex-wife. If his daughter's account is true, then the public perception of the incident is wrong and should not be an issue going forward. Newt is not a grandstander. He doesn't try to mock or take cheap shots at his fellow candidates. No, it is Newt's intellectual prowess that makes Newt stand out. It is Newt's experience and unique mental attributes that may hold the key to getting us out of the crisis we find ourselves in as a nation.

Conclusion: These opinions about the candidates are mine and are just a snapshot of the moment. Please continue to keep me updated with your opinions. Your opinions matter and will be reflected in my next article about the GOP and the candidates.

Robert welcomes your comment to this or any other of my commentaries.

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