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Adventure Into the Weird

Burning Bush
Burning Bush
An Alien Construction?
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Posted on January 14,2014

Dreams or Imagination It all started sometime in 2001. In the wee hours of the morning, I would wake up with ideas that were foreign to anything that ever circulated in my conscience world. Some of them are scary but at the same time curious which is why I have chosen to write them down. While I am well aware that the following may be the product of pure imagination, I cannot say with certainty that these are not chronicles of real events.

This is actually the second time to include some of those revelations publically. The first was right after the thoughts occurred to me; fascinated by them, I thought they would make a great backdrop to a science fiction novel. That is when I wrote “The History of the Future”. I even put it online in its own web site.

The revelations continue though and I really don’t know what to make of them. I wake up in the middle of the night with new images and thoughts about our world and the beginnings of life here on Earth. In my dream recollections, I am being fed information from a group of other worldly creatures that call themselves the Gabriel. (I cannot relate images to phonetics very well, but Gabriel is as close as can be estimated.) They do not vocalize to me but rather use mental images as a method of communication. I, on the other hand, do not know how to communicate with them, except through my emotions or my conjured up mental images. But whenever they communicate with me, they seem to respond to my reactions. It took me a long time to understand their images and what they were communicating to me, but after a while, those images started to make sense.

According to the Gabriel, they found planet Earth during exploration and determined that it could be claimed for life. There wasn’t any free oxygen on the newly discovered planet, so they utilized DNA specific organisms from their world to plant on this new planet. It was a long and tedious process to establish a self sustaining atmosphere that could accommodate life.

The Gabriel themselves are a people that are long lived. They had quit using the biosphere for food on their home world many millions of years ago. (It was hard to nail down a time line, so my using millions of years is only symbolism for a long time.) The subject of rejecting the biomass for food was actually the basis for that science fiction tale I wrote.

Their rejection of the biomass made them extraordinarily sensitive to biologic invaders as they had lost most of their resistance to the microscopic world of would be infectors. They went on to illustrate why evolution was so important and necessary for creature development. As creatures including humans develop, they have to accumulate the built in protections from the environment that only evolution can bestow. Whenever the Gabriel did seed a prospective planet with life’s basics, they do not know in advance the twist and turns that evolution would take. They only knew that the evolving mass would develop defenses against predation and pathogens. Survival of any evolved life form would be dependent on how well they developed and maintained their defenses.

Once a planet was seeded, the Gabriel could only visit wearing protective outerwear against the biology that was evolving or else risk being infected by opportunistic alien pathogens. It was the developing biomass that actually changed the planet and made it possible for land based life.

One caveat, they stressed with emphasis that they did not invent the life process. It has always been a mystery to them. They also stressed their deep abiding faith in an original creation. Planet seeding was a change from the normal utilization of a livable planet. There was a time in their history that they would colonize a planet themselves. But eventually competition and political differences led to devastating wars between themselves and their colonial planets.

It was these wars that made them decide to maintain their numbers and not expand by colonization. They can and do reproduce but reproduction is only to replace the numbers lost through accident such as an occasional mishap handling biological material. Sex is primarily recreational without any guilt. Feelings of possession and jealousy are alien to them. The use of birth machines is preferable to natural birth because of the control over the genes inherited by the offspring. Normal DNA of the Gabriel still contains genes from bygone times. Those older genes are usually dormant, but occasionally a naturally born offspring would be born with unwanted traits because of those genes. But with the invention and development of birthing machines, they gained control over inherited genes.

I was struggling with the flow of information. I knew that this was either planted thoughts or an over active imagination that had watched too much “I Love Lucy”. The curious part was that the glimpses of this alien society only occurred during my deepest sleep. I always wake up with remembrances of what had happened. It was startling to say the least. Ordinary dreams, while sometimes startling, make almost no sense and are difficult to remember. Ordinary dreams also morph from one irrational thought to another. But this is not the case with the episodic encounters of the information flow from the Gabriel.

Some of the piecemeal information related to their interactions with humans (us). One such incident had to do with certain problems encountered by the observing teams sent to Earth to monitor progress. The Gabriel used small flying machines, but powering them was a problem whenever they were far afield from their deployed ship. The solution they came up with was to induce the human population to build ‘resonate chambers’ (my term) that could channel energy to these small flyers. That shape was a pyramid of defined parameters that could supply energy to their flyers.

Another problem cropped up whenever the Gabriel approached the humans. Their appearance in their environmental protective suits was received and treated with great reverence by the indigenous populations. The Gabriel finally resorted to relayed visions of what was required to the humans, but without fail, those visions got interpreted in terms of the localized religions. The resulting constructions were always an extension of those religions. A few of the constructions actually served their purpose and could recharge their flyers, but not all. Some were so elaborate and ornate that they were useless. Others were not the correct dimensions and were useless.

The dimensions shown me were as follows: The perimeter of the base if it were a circle would have a height equal to the radius of that circle. The construction had to be aligned with the planet rotational poles. Size was always a problem in developing these structures. They needed adequate girth and height to be effective. But, as I said, a few were built that could do the job.

The Gabriel was always sensitive to the barbarism displayed by the humans. They worked very hard to infuse a code of ethics that would tone down the natural tendency towards barbarity. But because of the biohazard present, face to face meetings were practically impossible. They tried several times to approach the humans, but because of the biohazard, had to wear full protective garb.

They tried genetically altered hybrids to act as 'go betweens', but the idea was fatally flawed, it never worked as intended. But then, a breakthrough! The Gabriel discovered that they could mimic human sounds using combustion. After much experimenting, and consulting, it was decided to take advantage of the spiritual nature of humans and speak to them directly using modulated combustion to mimic the audible communications by humans. Their construction for this purpose was a small tree made of tubes decorated to resemble the appearance of vegetation – but this tree burned and could talk. Fire became the medium of choice to communicate with humans. Some of the sound producing mechanisms used also included arcs of electrical discharge.

As weird as this may sound, the whole impetus for creating these communicators was to lead humans to a less barbaric state. No, it would not be an overnight process, but by helping the different societies to adopt ethical principles, which if adopted universally, could drastically improve the fortunes of human kind.

There is much more to relate, this is only the first of the many revelations of divulged to me.

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