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Cultural Suicide

three deaths

The Three Deaths of a Culture

Posted on August 19,2010

Political Correctness: If our personal nonexistent leadership were not enough, politically, our society has degenerated from the traditional melting pot into a salad-bowl structure. The mixture of cultures has always been with us, but ‘political-correctness’ themes have not. Political correctness, while it attempts to level the playing field of our cultural differences, in reality only divides us. Political correctness prevents those candid looks and appraisals that are so important to the forging of a united people. Political correctness is that process that maintains a wall between the various cultures, and never allowing the process of melding to occur. Without that melding process, we lose our identity as Americans.

Our different backgrounds make up who and what we are. Exploiting our differences only serves to toughen us for the pitfalls of life. Shaking off criticisms and forging ahead gains the respect of those who criticize. Respect for each other is the cornerstone of building unity. Without such openness with each other, feelings stay bottled up and further isolate us into separate groups.

Ideas that Unify: Unity over an idea is harder to affect because it is less tangible than the unity we feel during catastrophic events. Catastrophic events such as hurricanes or wars quickly unify all of those affected. We unify over our favorite sports teams as we support them vocally, dressing in the home colors, waving the terrible towels, and even paying large sums of money for the arenas to be able to cheer in unison for our heroes.

But unity over an idea is nebulous. An idea requires its adherents to know why the idea is so important. Religion poses such an idea. As a people, we once gathered around the idea of going to heaven, provided we lived the way of the Bible. But the curious analytical minds among us seeking knowledge about our physical world and about our beginnings have changed the perspective of many. Science has uncovered that most miracles in the Bible were natural phenomena and not from the realm of the supernatural.

And with those scientific revelations, comes doubt. Christianity is an article of faith and when doubt enters, the fracturing of our Christian based culture begins. The analytical deductions by the scientists may be correct in spite of the protestations from the Christian community. Much has been uncovered about humans and the physical world of the past. As the old paradigm for unity built upon the Christian Faith fades, a vacuum builds in its place. There is an ideological void building because of the absence of a unifying idea or principle. The fractured groups are now a collection of self-interests that compete against each other for prominence. – This is not good for our survival as a society.

Divisive Decisions: Forces other than scientific exploration have also contributed to the decay of Christian based unity. Supreme Court decisions have done a large part of the damage. Political and feel-good decisions that have sought to correct our wayward directions as a society only divide us further. When the Supreme Court legislates from the bench, there is no consensus of the governed – only the opinions of the justices.

The decisions rendered by the Supreme Court become the foundation for a broad range of lawsuits initiated by minority interests. For instance, the Roe v. Wade decision won the right to have an abortion. Since the Supreme Court made the ruling from the bench, it lacked the constraints and clarity needed for popular support. Popular support is vital to prevent major fractures within the society. Most people favor abortion within boundaries such as when the mother’s life is in danger, or in cases of rape and incest, but the high court’s open-ended abortion decision only made matters worse and deepened the divide between us. There was no precedent for the Supreme Court’s decision. They chose to create law out of thin air without clarification or boundaries.

There are many Supreme Court decisions over the years that have caused major fractures in this society. Madelyn Murray O'Hare sued over compulsory prayer in school – and won. The High Court seems oblivious to the damage they do when they operate as lawmakers. A lot of people believe in the separation of church and state but we have a democratic means for settling such issues. The Court could have deferred to the legislature for codification on the issue, or the proponents of the decision could have opted for a possible constitutional amendment barring compulsory school prayer. It is clear that bypassing the electorate is not governing by the consent of the people. Public angst and countless millions of dollars spent in lawsuits over issues are the legacy of the Supreme Court’s legislating from the bench.

The courts are not empowered to reshape, or interpret other meanings in their decisions. If an issue comes before the court, for which there is no clear precedent, that issue needs referring to the legislature for clarity, not decided by political bias or derived from elements of written law from other countries.

Legislative action by our elected officials put the issues before the people. The elected representatives have to face the electorate for what they do – but not so, the justices of the Supreme Court.

Activist judges create division. The court’s broad sweeping decisions rendered without clarity of details only deepens our divisions. It is because of activist judges that suddenly everyone is a constitutional expert. Minority groups see the Supreme Court as a way to impose their view upon the nation without having to win majority consent. Not so in the past when the campaigns such as those for women’s suffrage, and the civil rights legislation won majority support status.

Matters decided by the majority via legislation, do not threaten the social structure as severely as heavy-handed court decisions. The high court rarely settles constitutional questions with any finality or clarity. Politically tainted decisions handed down by the Supreme Court leave the doors open for reversals when the political winds bring change to the courts political make-up. Stare Decisis or the upholding of prior decisions is not a hard and fast rule in the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has reversed itself more than a hundred times in the past century.

Conclusion: It seems that we are on a road to self-destruction. We have the knife positioned at our heart and are pushing on the blade. Is this society destined for suicide? Maybe, but we must unite as a people once again. A pretty tall order, but it is possible. Since humans are spiritual by nature, maybe it isn’t too late to rekindle the spirit of Christianity. Scientific revelations only show us a path by which God could have accomplished his miracles. Our understanding of God may need an overhaul from a magical creature that can just go ‘poof’ and things happen to an intelligent God who has command of the laws of physics. We as a culture progress easier when united, and without unity, we fold into the dustbin of history like so many other failed societies.

"A good listener is not only popular everywhere, but after a while he gets to know something."
- Wilson Mizner


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