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The Folly of Egalitarianism

Equalized Outcome
Equalized Outcome

Posted on November 9, 2013

The following definitions are from the Merriam-Webster online dictionary. Please read and understand these definitions before continuing as they are central to the article.

1: a belief in human equality especially with respect to social, political, and economic affairs
2: a social philosophy advocating the removal of inequalities among people
adjective \i-?ga-l?-'ter-e-?n\
: aiming for equal wealth, status, etc., for all people

Definition of DEMOCRAT
a : an adherent of democracy
b : one who practices social equality
Related to DEMOCRAT
Synonyms of Democrat
Egalitarian, leveler (or leveller)

The above definitions, at face value, are attractive on many levels. The believers in total equality on both the social and economic scale are many. However, in practice, they fail. In spite of their high ideals, they have zero ability to sustain a society for any protracted amount of time. Another of the adjectives Democrats like to refer to themselves is “progressive”. But progressive and Democrats in the same sentence is an oxymoron of the first order.

Think of the word ‘aggressive’. Even though it takes aggressive action on any endeavor to make progress, the negative connotations of the word arise from use only. If the aggression is used for something you find favor with, it is good, if it is used for something you don’t favor, it is bad. However, you would have to look long and hard to find progress on any front that wasn’t a product of aggressive actions. Without the aggressive use of Government, the Democrats would be helpless. To the Democrat, only government should be aggressive. Personal aggression for economic freedom is only acceptable to Democrats as long as they control it and can tax any reward from the effort. To the Democrat, an individual’s aggressiveness for his personal economical progress is considered a deviation and in violation to economic equality for all.

The Egalitarian (or Democrat) would tax the reward of the economically aggressive individual and redistribute it to those without the will to compete economically. This is important! Under the Egalitarian or Liberal Democratic Party doctrine, the rewards earned by an individual from personal efforts gets capped or taxed for redistribution. Everybody must have an equal share regardless of effort. Taxing the reward of a person willing to put out the effort to succeed discourages incentive and robs that person of his pursuit of happiness. The misguided doctrines of equal outcomes result in fewer jobs and more dependency. Freedom is the sacrificial lamb of policies that stress equal outcome instead of equal opportunity.

Worse, the recipients of the redistributed benefits become resentful and always want more. But why not? To a lot of individuals, getting to live a life without having to pitch in and help shoulder part of the responsibility is a pretty good deal, even if it means remaining at the bottom on the economic scale for the handouts. Things are so screwed up now that the current recipients of help do not feel that they have to do meaningful work for their upkeep. We now have to import foreigners to do our entry level work. The statistics are staggering, but meaningless to the Elites of the Liberal world. Most employers would rather not have to hire foreigners but when you are trying to run a business, finding people who will work is an essential part of making a business successful. The very high unemployment rate among young minorities makes the point more poignantly than I could ever write about it. With so many young Americans out of work, you would think somebody in the Democratic Party would recognize the problem.

Actually, Liberals do know what is happening. But the allure of political power cultivated with the money from those that earn it is just irresistible – regardless of consequences to the nation.

Think about it, America has a sizeable workforce that refuses to work because of Liberal policies, and now we have to hire foreigners just to get somebody who will work!

It doesn’t matter if they go by the label of Liberal, Democratic Party, or Egalitarian, their policies do not provide a platform for progress. Naming themselves ‘Progressives’ and thinking themselves as being progressive for the good of society is just another fantasy of their delusion. Their ideas of equality, no matter how sincere, noble, or elegant they sound, only bring misery to all except for the small ruling class of elites who think they are saving the world from hunger, disparity, and inequality.

OK, now let’s take total equality a step further. Pretend that everybody operates from the same economic platform with the total wealth divided equally among everyone. Where would achievement come from? When all wealth is equal, there is nothing to achieve that would make an individual feel that he had made any significant advance. There would not be different brands of anything of significance because all products must be bought within the scope of whatever the common wealth figure was. When a product or service is consumed by the equal society, it has to fit within the price boundaries of the distributed income. Because improvements would necessarily raise the base cost of a product, there is no incentive to make basic changes such as design improvements. Where would upscale purchasers come from who could afford an improved version of anything? Remember, everybody is financially equal. By being clever, if a person did manage to make a little extra, it would be taxed or taken. The Egalitarian world is a sad place indeed.

The heart and soul of why we have progress is because there is a next step to achieve. People who dare to want to own the next best thing creates the demand for the next great thing. But if all is equal, progress is the first casualty. Would you really want to live in a society where there was no opportunity to advance economically. Social strata’s are equally important in creating the desire to move to the next level. But before a person can move up to the next level – there has to be a next level.

Accomplished people associate with other successful people for a reason. Mutual respect for one another’s accomplishments forms a special admiration society. Each person who manages to set himself apart and elevates his standing commands the respect of both those he left behind and his new peers.

The quest for economical freedom must be tempered with honesty and humility. A person’s moral fiber is the inner force that prevents abuse. Aggressive immoral people make up a minority that stains the whole idea of ‘getting ahead’. Resentment and disrespect is the legacy for that person who abuses, uses, or steps on others in pursuit of life’s reward. People have no use for greedy tyrannical movers who abuse others. When ‘shortcuts’ to wealth and prosperity are used, it usually comes at the expense of the innocent.

For the Liberals, Democrats, and Egalitarians of the world I would say just stop and think of the type of world you are trying to create. Equal outcome is bad and doesn’t fit with the way humans are hardwired. However, equal opportunity is different because it allows for success and progress. While some controls on aggression are necessary, total control of aggression is an anti-progressive stance that leads to chaos.

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"Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement." - Unknown, quoted by Jim Horning, Will Rogers and others"

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