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An All Powerful Government or God

A Hope for Freedom

Relegating the Constitution
to the Dustbin of History

Posted on July 17,2010

In the book of Genesis, you will find that by eating the fruit of the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil,” Man would become like God. How prophetic those words have turned out to be.

Historically, no matter how despotic or benign the leadership of a civilization was, they invoked deities to cohesively mold the underclass’s behavior. It didn’t matter the religion because all of them essentially teach the same message. The Ten Commandments is an example of that message to the Jews. Religions of other societies had similar messages for behavior, each set of rules couched within the traditions of those civilizations.

Each of us has a seed, deep within us, that recognizes the truth to those simple guidelines for living a fruitful, and rewarding life. However, we are losing sight of the beauty of self-regulation derived from the concept of faith. So, the question is now raised, do we scrap the idea of self-regulation, or is it time to quit relying on our faith and rewrite the rules according to Man’s Laws.

There is a difference. On the one hand, people of faith make personal decisions of right or wrong according to their faith. People of faith recognize the principles of right and wrong. While secular systems dictate what is acceptable behavior based on the whims of those with political power. A secular system does not recognize any norms. If a majority decides it is okay to abuse children, they could codify child abuse and make it legal. The example of abusing children may be a little extreme, but it illustrates a possible real consequence of what could happen without a code of ethics or a set of non-violate rules for social behavior.

As I pointed out in a previous piece, “Sex without limits” - I pointed out that with an ever-expanding list of sex offenders, there could come a day in which the offenders could eventually become a political force. It is hard to imagine that these sex offenders, using their strong political voice, would continue to impose sanctions and jail time for their actions.

Such are the possibilities in a secular society without a strong moral foundation. We presently live under a corrupt, politically polarized government. Ethics are hard to come by within the halls of congress. We as the citizenry of America have surrendered too much power to the halls of congress and now drift like reeds in the wind because of what we have allowed to happen.

Businesses lobby congress and pay homage to congressional campaigns for favorable treatment. The first amendment gives us the right to petition the government for perceived grievances. But as with all good intentions, we have taken the first amendment’s simple protections and corrupted them. The only voices being listened to in Washington over the issues are coming from the professional lobbyists bearing gifts.

The forbiddance of public prayer is an example of trampling on the first amendment. The second amendment’s right to keep and bear arms will probably be next. Every protection except freedom of assembly is under attack from the Left. Freedom of the press may be another domino to fall if the press ever criticizes the wrong group. The Left is already engaged in trying to control the airways where opposition to Leftist policies has a following.

Before you write and accuse me of advocating for a theocratic state, save your time. The discussion here is about how to best maintain ethical behavior. The constitution is a document that makes a valiant effort to establish a harmonious secular society. But recently, that document has been taking a beating from those in power by those who want to fundamentally change our governmental structure. We have a president who publically stated that the constitution is a document of negative rights. His complaint was that the constitution only railed about what the government could not do rather than what it could do.

Amendment 10: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Amendment ten is important because it keeps power closer to the people. An individual has much more influence over an issue locally than anything he can do if the issue becomes a federal issue.

When this or any society no longer depends upon a person’s conscience to keep him/her from doing harm to the society or another individual, it is doomed. It really is a question of God’s way or the highway, because the constitution cannot stand-alone. The constitution relies upon the goodness of the people. Unless a set of rules for right and wrong that are ridged and unassailable are established and maintained, there can never be stability. No nation can survive built upon a moving foundation, such as the concept of the constitution being a ‘living document’. That is why the concept of an omnipotent God is so acceptable. God represents that which towers above the pettiness of man and represents that which is stable.

The worship of God needs no codification because all of us are spiritual and search for the stability found within the concept of an omnipotent God. Man and man's laws are not reliable. Man's laws are subject to the whims of the politicians. Re: The abortion issue --

I conclude with this statement – Just look around you, open your eyes and you will see that we as humans have a lot of flaws. We cannot write enough rules, much less enforce all aspects of human behavior. We need the self-discipline of a conscience that is inspired by the concept of God.

"A good listener is not only popular everywhere, but after a while he gets to know something."
- Wilson Mizner


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