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Our Ethics PoliticalEthics - Painting a whole political party with the broad brush of association seems to work in Washington. Democrats and Republicans differ in how they treat bad behavior. Freedom A Sea of Freedom --How far left is far enough? Obama is testing how far Left he can take us. Failure Failure - The Key to Success --Failure - A great learning tool - The key to our success depends on how we look at and deal with failure.
Liberalism Downward Trend Liberal Policies Chase Jobs to Other Countries-- Democrats never learn. They like to spend so they raise taxes. We used to be a manufacturing powerhouse. Where did all of those good jobs go? Opposing Forces Corrupting Black America-- The sad tale about how the Liberals have abused and oppressed Black Americans under the guise of "helping them". Muslim at Prayer Time Muslim War Against the West --The radical Islamic Movement is more than just a few radicals bent upon destroying non-Muslims.
A Young girl's Treasure Advice for Young Girls --Advice and words of wisdom for budding young girls. Regulations and Ethics Regulation and Ethics--The sad tale of a Nation that no longer knows how to be honest and enforce regulations. Pork You Can Believe In Nothing to Admire About Democrats-- The Democrats have sacrificed everything for power. Their moral compass is broken and so is the direction they are taking this country.
Computer generated Universe model The Big Bang--My musings about the creation of the universe. Who knows, I might be right! Evolution vs Intelligent Design Icon Evolution vs. Intelligent Design--This article explores the possibility that we are a product of creation, but does not join forces with the 'Creationists'. Sexual Progression Sexual Progression --Explore the learning curve of sex. An insight into the different stages of sexual experience. (Not porn)
The Weaker Sex The Weaker Sex--A candid look at the universal female and the mischief she has wrought on society. Gay Icon Homosexuality--My opinion of homosexuality. This was written after several interviews with young gays. CO2 Warming_Not Latest Global Warming Article --My latest article on 'Global Warming'. It reflects my new position about CO2 and why CO2 is not to blame for global warming.
Removing the Mask Unmasking Liberalism--Liberalism slips under the radar with Liberals being perceived as a friends of the down-trodden - but are Liberals really who they say they are? Freedom and Faith Freedom and Faith--An important article that stresses the need for faith. Faith is important in maintaining our trust between each other. Energy Independence Energy Independence--Energy independence may be a worthy goal, but care must be taken with our decisions on how to get there.
Black Leadership Leaderless Blacks--Article that describes the result of the bad leadership by the Democrats and from within the Black community. Feeling Guilty Guilty Conscience --This article describes how our guilty conscience is good for maintaining social order. Heat Wave Texas Heatwave of 2009--A record breaking heatwave in central Texas. Written for the record.

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Articles by: Robert Gross All Rights Reserved
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