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Earth's TemperaturesThe Sun in the 20th Century-- The Sun's assault on the Earth in the 20th century has got to be a part of the global warming story. Well thought out alternative energies are still only fanciful ideas. Bad LogicLogical Explanations-- Illogical inferences and way out there theories gamble that you will not delve into the facts. Do not pass up any opportunity to learn. Email ScamsSay no to Liberalism-- Liberalism is a vapor. A road that leads to poverty. A road followed many times with 100% failure rate.
Email ScamsEmail and Lobbyists-- Are those non-verifiable emails worth anything? Do Lobbyists secretly control Washington? Been ThinkingStray Thoughts--About an old pussycat, Siruis XM, and a Failing Presidency - my how a mind can wander! Planet EarthCritical Planning-- Solving problems about the environment and our industrial pollution need to be thought out. We create disasters from schemes that are not adequately planned.
Failed SocietiesInevitable Failure-- Did you ever think about it? Every attempt at maintaining a society has failed. Some have been good in their inception, but all drift into the dustbin of history. Preamble to the ConstitutionGod or Government-- Should the decisions about what is right or wrong be left up to the politicians? It is clear that we as a nation are losing our moral compass. A lost and confused PresidentEncouraging the Terrorists through Weakness-- Obama projects weakness. We have a President who was not raised in America during his formative years and lacks the basic understanding of being an American.
Deserted FarmMissing: A Farm Family-- The economic and social losses from losing our family farms are incalculable. Consolidation of the small farmers into large corporate enterprises will exponentially increase food costs. Resentful PresidentThey Love Me - Or Do They?-- President Obama represents the world of the bi-racial person, one-half accepted, the other half orphaned. Racial resentment is key to understanding the high style of living by the Obamas. The PlantationPlantation Politics
The politics of race are alive and well. Democrats keep Blacks in a brotherhood of poverty just for their votes.
A ChoiceGrowing Impoverishment-- Liberals tax businesses so much that our job creators leave the country along with the jobs. We can no longer afford tax and spend Liberals. butterfly nebulaLimits to Mass and Gravity?-- Explore the possibilities of mass and gravity being self-limiting. The 'Big Bang' theory may also be in jeopardy if mass is capped at a maximum. Can Hydrogen be recycled? Welfare's LegacyDestructive Welfare-- The present welfare system makes a mockery of helping the poor. It only perpetuates misery. It is time for a new direction.
Daffy DuckLame Duck Strategy-- The Democrats have pushed the envelope to pass their agenda. They have now added the politics of the Lame Duck to pass unwanted legislation. deathCultural Suicide-- Political Correctness, A Doubting Faith, and Judicial Activism are the harbingers of death for a culture. We are aiding the three deaths in our headlong race to commit - cultural suicide! White FlagSurrendering Freedom-- Term Limits may not be the silver bullet it is cracked up to be. Creating large numbers of lame ducks disenfranchises the voters. Lame ducks are responsible to nobody, except themselves.
classroomEducation Please-- Our school's poor performance is a reflection of our culture. Neither Unions nor school funding is to blame for the catastrophe. The children follow the only leadership they know - the adults in their life. Chairman FrankLost Opportunity-- Inspite of a major win in mid-term 2010, Republicans still tacitly accept responsibility for financial crises. Forgotten is the Democrats defeat of Bush's attempts to reign in the GSEs' Fannie and Freddy. Political Mother's MilkSubsidy Problems --The time has come for congress to do away with corporate welfare to business. Subsidies of all stripes complicate our tax law and leave the taxpayer on the hook for billions of dollars. Send the lobbyists home. Enough already!

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Articles by: Robert Gross All Rights Reserved
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