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Liberal DestinationLiberal Policies-- Liberals distinguish themselves by providing a roadmap to poverty...Bribery, vote buying, bad policies, and Utopian dreams are just a few of the tools used by the Democratic Party. The FuturePredicting the Future-- Accurate predictions depend upon knowing the variables that control future actions. Humans are increasing their ability to lift the veil on the future. The Earth is ChangingOur Changing Earth-- The Earth is changing - for better or worse. Human activities are reshaping our planet. We may elect to allow the changes or -- do what is necessary to maintain it as is.
Changing the EcosystemEcosystem at Risk-- Trying to look the other-way in the face of logical and scientific evidence demonstrating human activity is reshaping our climate and the ecosystem only wastes intellectual pursuit. Making ChoicesPoverty and Choices-- People living in freedom can choose their economic level. Depending of course, on their desire to elevate their status. ManagementKeeping Customers-- Success in business means having good management. Poor or lax management leaves the door open to competition and a loss of customers.
Wisconsin Teachers DemonstrationTurmoil in Wisconsin-- Governor Walker attempts to balance political control of the Wisconsin's public sector unions. Public sector unions have grown too powerful and economically destructful to ignore. Private Sector Union MembersUnion Story-- Public sector union political processes are detrimental to the general welfare and under-represent the taxpayer. We need private sector unions but must eliminate or reconstitute public sector unions. President ObamaDithering President-- It is clear that we have a president who won't lead. President Obama has perfected the skill of dithering.
Debt - an Obstacle to IndependenceBurden of Foreign Debt-- Obama can't lead because he has shackled us with bone crushing debt. He owes too much to China to even speak clearly about his foreign policies. We Are Out of MoneyWhat a Ride-- The Liberal ride we have been on has been a good one. But the ride is grinding to a halt for lack of money. Liberals still want more, but there just isn't anymore. Over the LimitBroader Viewpoint-- It is evident by our indebtedness that we have strayed too far to the Left politically. A course correction is necessary.
Two Peas in a PodGo Home --Mr. President, it is time for you to resign. You have bankrupted our nation and put our citizens in the unemployment line. Your bungling has done enough damage - it is time to leave! Lawyer Philip BergLawsuit Filing --In 2008, loyal Democrat and Hillary Clinton supporter, Philip Berg, sought answers to the vexing questions of Obama's birth and financial arrangements for expensive education. Lon FormLong Form Issues-- Obama's new long form birth certificate has proved to be fraudulent. It cannot overcome such things as watermark violations, and data scrubbing.
Obama's Citizenship in QuestionObama and Eligibility-- Obama wants to keep his past from public scrutiny. He has gone to extreme lengths to shield his past and be open about who he is. Adopting Alinsky RulesPolitical Distractions or Road to Ruin
Weed out the stinky politicians but stay focussed on the issues. Do not become distracted by the phoney rightiouness of the left.
RaceAre You a Racist?
Racism can be about culture or about physical attributes. This article explores the difference in the two.
LifespanLifespan Secrets
Our lifespan may be predeterined by our genetic ability to change in coincidence with changes in the environment.
Waiting for DeathPunishing Seniors
Recalculating how inflation is calculated and Obamacare have put our seniors at risk. Getting old should not be used as political fodder that keeps the elderly terrified.
Perry PoliticsWill Perry Survive? --The long knives are out for Rick Perry. His conservatism is the focus of not only the press, but opposition candidates. The opposition is after any foothold against him.

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Articles by: Robert Gross All Rights Reserved
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