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Leaderless Blacks

Black Leadership Black Leaders are
a Noshow

Posted on January 1,2008

Running Amok: Before I get accused of swiping with too broad of a brush, I want to be clear that there is a minority of Black citizens working, contributing, and living upstanding lives. It is a sad fact though that this number is pitifully small. The majority of the African Americans appear to be resentful and blame others for whatever misfortune they perceive. As a result, this group feels like they are entitiled to the good life without an investment of their own initiatives. Somehow, they perceive their lack of success is attributal to others. The troubling part of this is that Blacks are being led to believe that their misfortune is because of just being Black. This feeling of resentment has manifested itself in many ways among young Blacks. One such way employed by young Blacks is to resort to 'shortcut methods' as a way advancing themselves in what they perceive as a hostile world.

Shortcut Method: The shortcut method attempts to circumvent acceptable paths to success.It is a disturbing fact that Blacks have the 'wants', but instead of utilizing the opportunities of this nation that allows a person to rise to the level of his ambition, Blacks feel the need to shortcut the process. The shortcut methods include any activity that provides instant wealth using criminal means; including robbery, pimping, selling street drugs, home invasions, and scams.

Alarming: The statistics of African Americans is not good. Seventy percent of their children are born out of wedlock. According to this statistic, a majority of Black children are being raised without the influence of a father. While mothers are nurturing, they cannot provide the balance needed by a child. With few exceptions, children raised in single parent homes develop deficiencies that carry over into adulthood.

White Guilt: The majority white population feel responsible for the plight of Blacks. It was the white population that enslaved and discriminated against Blacks. Whites still think of Blacks as being inferior, but honestly believe that they can make everything right. The generally accepted method for Whites to salve their conscience is to reward Blacks with undeserved status. The White population has done everything in their power to destroy the Black population with their kindness.

Historical Milestone: School integration brought the first opportunity for Whites to help the Black population. A good education would have given Blacks the tools to succeed in our competitive society, but the majority punted on the issue. Instead of challenging these young minds, Whites lowered the standards for students. It is important to understand Liberal politics. The Democrats never intended for the Black population to succeed, all they wanted was to create the illusion of helping the Black Race. The last thing that Liberals wanted was the Black population to succeed. Under the guise of helping them, the Democrats quickly made them wards of the state. They destroyed any incentive for success that this segment of the population may have had. The Welfare State was born. Reverse discrimination became common in the zeal to make up for the bad treatment Blacks had endured at the hands of the Whites. It was an easy sell for the White community because of the mantle of guilt riding on their shoulders.

Results Are Damming: A majority of the Black recipients of the largess of the White population resent their status. They still blame Whites for their plight. They are not succeeding as a race. The most prominent of the Blacks are heralded for their athletic skills as they perform for a mostly White audience. There are very few Black grass root enterprises that celebrate the 'reward for effort formula' that would give incentive to the younger Blacks to succeed. Instead these young Blacks drift into the shortcut system. Embracing the shortcut system is also the reason for such a large Black population in our prisons.

Lack of Leadership: There are a few Black leaders trying to get the message to the Black community, Bill Cosby comes to mind. But Mr. Cosby's message is met with derision because the message is laced with the idea of taking responsibility for the sad conditions, prevalent in the Black communities. The voices that are heard the most within the Black community belong to the pied pipers of 'blame the whites' like Al Sharpton, Reverend Wright, and Jesse Jackson. We can only hope that the future will bring about leadership change to the Black community that understands the value of family, hard work, and reward for effort. Currently, it is the promise of undeserved rewards that have the Black race enthralled. Terms like 'reparations' and distrust for anything 'Whitey' are very alluring to those Blacks that harbor resentment against Whites. It is ironic that the really successful Blacks are relegated to being Uncle Toms, or Lackeys for Whites. Perpetuating that stereotype only works to empower the 'blame the whites' trumpeters and does a real disservice to the Black population.

Conclusion: The sad state of the Black population in this country should be addressed without the shroud of political correctness. The American White needs to quit feeling guilty over past injustices and respect Blacks as equals, not as a group of inferiors needing pitiful handouts. I leave this one last thought, whenever Black students are challenged in school to a higher standard they respond remarkably well. There are numerous examples of what these students can achieve when they are not treated as if they were somehow inferior and therefore in need of lower standards to get through school.



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