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Random Thoughts

Posted on June 08,2010

My Old Pussy Cat:
My cat is about 15 years old. Not active anymore, missing teeth and some claws no longer retract. I can only assume that the claw damage is the result of many cat-fights. She is big on sleeping and eating - not much else. The way she walks looks like it may be painful – definitely no pep in her step.

Ozzie (her name) is an outside cat and not accustomed to human handling but will let you scruff her on the head once in a while. Her vision is getting worse because now you have to say something so she can recognize who is there. We have to stand watch over her while she is eating to keep other cats from stealing her food. Other animals are a challenge because Ozzie eats in dribs and drabs. She will initially eat some of the food, then go to the bathroom. After a while she will return to the food for a little more. It is when she walks away from the food that the other cats or even the birds swoop in and try to steal her food. It is during her brief absence that we stand guard for her.

I can really empathize with what it's like to be losing a step or two. Certainly, I am not as spry as I once was. But back to the cat - one huge problem is that it cost about $36.00/month to keep her fed. I don’t have the heart to take her to the vet to be euthanized so I guess we just live with an old pussycat. But the cost of her upkeep prevents me from getting a younger cat to assume the duties of varmint controller.

What are your experiences with old pets? Somebody out there has to have gone through the same problems. What were your remedies?

Update: My old pussycat Ozzie died in March 2011. It was a sad but necessary end. The old cat was suffering from many ailments and the burden finally became too much for her to keep going. We buried her with reverence. Bye Ozzie, we will miss you.

Sirius-XM Radio:
If you don’t have and use Sirius-XM Radio, you are missing a kaleidoscope or cornucopia of entertainment. My father used to have a saying that is applicable to Sirius-XM, “They have everything from toothpicks to elephant blankets” Literally the gamut goes from porn to all genres of music to all sides of talk covering Liberal philosophy, Liberal call in, Right Wing talk and call in, and all flavors in between.

If you are stuck in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s etc., they have channels dedicated to keep you in nirvana with your past memories. They have family comedy, raunchy comedy, and grey-area comedy. Sports are blanketed. If it’s on the field, in the gym, on the slopes, a racetrack, or in a skating rink – it’s got you covered. Whatever floats your boat is represented on Sirius-XM Radio. There is a misconception that satellite radio is only fit for the car. And with the exception of having to install a small antenna (fits in your hand), it is easy to get it up and running in the house too. You can literally just use your ears and do not have to be chained to a boob tube. What I like about having all of those sources of information and music available is that I can work at my computer and still listen to my favorite channels (static free and crystal clear) – plus having this wealth of information in your home is ridiculously cheap.

Think about it – if you watch the news on TV, all you are really looking at is some fool telling you what is happening. The only difference is that you get to see their lips move while you listen. OK, I’ll admit that sometimes pictures do clarify a lot of stories, but not the most of them. Good announcers have the talent for building mental word pictures. Most news is absorbed with your ears – the rest is just eye-candy and in a lot of cases nothing more than old file loops unrelated to the story being described.

Obama Presidency Unraveling:
Obama is probably one of the most inept presidents in our history. Obama is guided only by politics, has no idea of what to do about the economy, and no idea of what to do with the oil spill offshore Louisiana. His shortcomings as an American are becoming glaringly apparent. Obama spent his formative years in Indonesia. This man has no inkling of what makes America tick. Just a leftist view that embraces failure and creates poverty everywhere it is tried.

Slowly the American public is waking up to the fact that Obama is not equipped mentally nor has he surrounded himself with competent advisors. Everything this bunch of leftist do is first looked at through the prism of politics. Leading and taking action are not a part of his makeup. Only after consulting with Liberal backers and moistening their finger and testing the political winds do we get half-assed decisions. Remember if you are not slow or fast, you are only half-fast. November cannot come soon enough.



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