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Mid-Term 2010 Opportunity Lost

Dems Deny Problems with
Fannie and Freddy

Go Here Senate 2004
to See More of This Democrat Debacle.

Posted on November 14,2010

It has now been a week since the mid-term elections. Although pleased with the gains by conservatives in all phases of government – local, state, and federal, the victory has a hollow tone to it.

The election still leaves the Republicans saddled with the blame for the financial crises. The Republicans could have defended their role in the housing bubble, but most were content to just let the premise of a Republican failure ride.

Democrats promote the premise that the housing bubble and a collapsing economy belong to G.W. Bush and his administration. But is that determination anywhere near reality? George W. Bush tried repeatedly since 2001 to reign in Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac. But small details like this seem to get lost with our so-called ‘mainstream media’. The Republicans missed a golden opportunity to expose the Liberal establishment’s involvement in the housing bubble – but they let it pass along with Obama’s constant blaming Bush and the Republicans for the financial mess we have found ourselves.

The two videos with this piece show you the Democratic opposition to any reforms to Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac. Although the Republicans had a majority during this period, they didn’t have the super-majority necessary to pass the necessary reforms that would have prevented the financial meltdown that ensued. Democrats were very aware of the steamroller coming down the hill but would do nothing to help stop it. A financial meltdown was their ticket to regaining power.

The 2010 mid-term elections gave the Republicans an opportunity to push back against self-serving statements by Obama who uses Bush as a foil for all of our financial problems. Demonization of Bush by the left was so successful that most Republicans want to keep Bush at arm’s length. The financial industry and Bush has shouldered all of the blame for the economic crises.

This election could have been the great equalizer had the Republicans stood on their hind legs instead of mouthing overly broad clichés, and promises. They could have exposed the Democrat’s efforts to regain power using contextual deception, lies, and kickbacks.

Divisions within the Republican Party also hurt. The establishment Republicans refused to help several candidates because they were afraid that a majority conservative viewpoint would threaten their power.

The election results were more of a testament to a general public dissatisfaction than any approval for the Republicans. As one commentator put it, “The Republicans gained a second chance by just being on the ballot.”

Unlike Rush Limbaugh who characterizes the election as a great victory, and it may be considered a great victory if we ignore how un-united the voters were. The Republican candidates portrayed themselves broadly as people who would stop the spending, repeal Obamacare, defund Obamacare, or rewrite and amend that flawed legislation. It was a thematic victory. The politicians used a resonating theme and touted those themes without disclosing a unified plan or roadmap on how they would make good on any of it. When pressed how they would accomplish their goals, Republican candidates turned into artful dodgers.

The candidates articulated our problems very well and as politicians always do, took credit for anything deemed as good. Making us feel good by embellishing our hopes and dreams is truly an art form. The candidate, who best articulated the mood of his/her constituency, did very well.

But sadly, most Republican candidates helped promote the Democrat notion that the Federal Government creates jobs. Only a few Tea Party candidates were expressing the idea that governments can only control the environment for commercial activity. Either a government can create good policies so businesses can thrive or it can produce policies that strangles business. Obama has elected to strangle the business climate and force American business investments overseas.

Business morality and greed are always an issue. Business wrongdoing is an issue that Democrats exploit as they preach class warfare. But the morality of a business is always a mirrored reflection of the culture. When one in ten people are so greedy that they are dishonest, then you can count on one in ten businesses being dishonest. Honest straightforward business comes from an honest straightforward society. How honest our businesses are, is nothing more than a gauge of how honest our culture is. Chipping away at our moral compass will only encourage more greed and corruption.

Selecting Candidates

The selection of candidates is a crucial process that can mean the difference between winning and losing. It is a shame that our local party conventions do not pay more attention to their selections for public office. Most select the person they believe to have the best chance to win, or worse, choose someone with enough local clout to influence the vote and stifle competition. It is for that reason that we need the scrutiny of the state party conventions and an energetic primary process.

Our nominating conventions and primary races are the places to winnow out unqualified candidates. These processes should determine the best qualified of the candidates. Casting aspersions on a candidates youthful indiscretions (not criminal activity) or wife and children have no place in the contesting arena.

Our primary election system is a vetting process that allows us to not only inspect the candidates for their political positions, but also, decide if the prospective candidates uphold community standards of ethics and morality. To this end, adversaries and their advocates now make personal attacks against a candidate’s family, as well as what a candidate may or may not have done as a youth. This low-ball type of campaign tactic discourages good prospects from running. Destructive campaign tactics lead to the prospect of having to nominate second tier candidates.

Destructive campaign practices also force us to pass judgment on a family as well as the candidate. Our vote becomes a saintly judgment instead of a referendum on the candidate’s views and qualification for office. People love to be judgmental, especially when done from a position of invulnerability. We get to pass judgment with no risk of outing our personal failings. That trait opens the door to all of those negative ads we have to endure.

Candidates realize that we seek honest people to represent us in government, so they dig up any dirt about their opponents available. Sometimes there isn’t any, so they get creative with the context of their opponent’s statements, and in general, just lie about their opponents.

I don’t have the same feeling as other conservative commentators regarding a mandate for Republicans. The infighting between the conservative and moderate Republicans do not bode well for accomplishing much. The Democrats will exploit the rift within the Republican ranks and be able to limit any real reform. On the bright side, the voters have effectively stopped Obama’s spending spree. Republicans can hold Obama to just one term provided they work together.

"Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery."
- Winston Churchill


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