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Political Extremes

Opposing Forces

For Wednesday August 19, 2009

Logically speaking, without a top, there can be no bottom. Without Yin, there can be no Yang. Without the rich, there can be no poor. Without bad, there can be no good. Every concept must have a definition of relation. Relationships are how we define things.

Back in my younger days, my friends and I would often drink too much and wake up with a hangover. Often we would remark that feeling bad from the excesses of the night before gave us an appreciation for the days we woke up without the awful feeling of a hangover. Think about it. Our contention was that you have to have the hangover experience (at least once) to really appreciate those days without one. Relationships put everything into perspective.

Can we as a culture survive peace? The quick answer is that there is no peace. Peace is an illusion. When we are not at war, we fight among ourselves figuratively, for political power. Our political wars are just as intense as our hot wars. Political wars capture power without firing a shot. Democracy creates this condition. Democracies thrive because the governed give their consent to those who govern. Our political wars are all about winning that consent to govern.

There are two opposing forces, or philosophies. On one side of the spectrum are the Liberals, and on the other side we find the Conservatives, Yin and Yang if you will. Those close to the middle make up the moderates. The moderates are special as they appreciate some of each philosophy, so they hang out on the fence in the middle unable to decide where to give their support. The targets for each side's campaign are the moderates. The political commercials that flood our airways aim their message at the fence straddlers. Those who have already made up their minds have to endure these nauseating commercials.

It is with respect for the position of the moderates that I make these observations. Moderates claim fealty to both sides but the question is, why? The forces of Yin and Yang are always opposing forces, and when the opposing forces are relatively equal, the center always rules. If Yin represents the Liberal Democrats and Yang represents Conservatives, then at the present, Yin has the upper hand. With Yin in charge, Yang has to move a little towards Yin to attract the new middle ground which has shifted left. Political power runs like a meandering river flowing to Yin and then back to Yang. Neither Yin nor Yang has the ability to maintain the river in a straight course. Once either philosophy gains power, they always overstep their mandate. The power vested in them by the people will wane because the extreme ends of either philosophy wrecks the culture.

The United States has not had a course correction since the 1930's when we elected Franklin D. Roosevelt. FDR left an amazing legacy. Most of the social frameworks he instituted are still with us, especially the concepts of a strong federal government. The programs that he instituted such as social security was not bad, it is just that successive Democratic politicians abused the idea for political power and the results are what you see today.

The Democrats broadened social programs to include Medicare, Medicaid, and also, numerous programs for minorities. The idea that the taxpayers can take care of the poor from cradle to grave on the backs of the taxpayer has cost this country dearly. The results of their social tinkering have been disastrous. The pittances doled out to the recipients of the various programs is small but enough to become dependent on. Those who are willing to live on the bottom strata of society subsist there by taking advantage of the various handouts from government-sponsored programs. Those who accept that way of life become dependent on the taxpayers. It is a hard life in the government created Ghettos, and escaping its grip is a daunting task. The cycle is self-propagating as the Ghetto young yield to the temptation of irresponsible sex and have children. Young mothers raise their children without a partner's help and support. Only with the taxpayers support can she manage within that system. Population multiplication within those government created enclaves make it even harder to escape into the greater world where they could realize their potential. Those in the Ghetto world see none of the rewards for their effort in this created trap that shouldn't exist.

The youths within the Ghettos form their own subcultures. Resident gangs vie for territory for their activities, drug selling, prostitution, and just hanging out. Their experience leaves them with a skewed opinion of the rest of the world. Trapped in a culture they didn't create, with no way to control the events that shape their world, they become resentful of what they perceive as White tyranny. The modern Ghetto culture is the result of liberal politicians pandering for political power. Our drift to the left, or Yin, is in need of a correction. We cannot continue to sustain this creature that the Liberals have created.

Only the voting public can change our drift to the left. We need to stop the loss of our eroding freedom. Some of what the Liberals offer definitely has merit, but the extreme left of the Liberal movement is in control of the Democrats. When the extreme end of any philosophy gains control, it means we will experience an abuse of trust and an overstepping of the authority given by the people. The deeper we descend into Liberalism, the harder it will be to make the necessary corrections to our system of individual freedoms.

As Yin gathers strength, we willingly yield our responsibilities to the government. In the future, only the government will be able to make the decisions for how we live; we will have lost any claim to being responsible for our actions. Being independent means accepting responsibility for what you do. Don't look to blame others for your misfortune and bad decisions. Always keep in mind that having bad things happen to us gives us the appreciation of the good that befalls us.

To those in the welfare traps, you do not have to accept those conditions. There is a whole world outside of that domain that is willing to give you a chance at being a part of society. But you have to go after it; the only thing that will come to you is that pittance from the government that keeps you trapped. Say no to Yin.

Those at the bottom need the top to look up to for the incentive to climb out of the bottom. Do not resent those who have succeeded, because they offer you the chance for you to ascend to the top. The successful start businesses and hire others. The successful make it possible to live and dream of making it to the top. When you look up and don't see success, you are living in the world of the Liberal. The Liberal has chased away most good jobs by over-taxing the businesses from where those good jobs came. The wealthy move their money to countries that want the opportunities that money brings. Does it disturb you to look at the things you buy and see 'Made in China' on it? Why do you suppose that so many of our manufacturers moved to other countries like China and Mexico? They tell you it is because of the cheap labor, but that is only part of the story because production can overcome labor costs provided Labor Unions keep their grubby paws out of the pot. The real reason is the onerous tax structures and demands imposed by the Liberals. Liberals do not trust the free market to make good decisions. Only the Liberal elites know what is best for us. After enough of their social tinkering, they will have bankrupted the nation.



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