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Death of the Republican Party?

GOP Down for the Count
RIP Grand
Old Party

Posted on July 15,2011

The number of political PACs soliciting money for conservative causes is over the top. Everyday my email box is cluttered with those “Please send $25 or $50 to help with blah, blah, blah.” Some of the newsletters I enjoy reading, but the clamor of so many hands out for donations turns me sour. And that’s not even mentioning sludging up my mail box.

I subscribed to the Tea Party news letter. The result of that sad mistake has given me between 2 – 3 emails daily with their hand out for money. Too much … I don’t even read them anymore.

I like reading two of the writers at Human Events, but I not only get their daily article index for the latest writings from a whole array of writers, I also get their ads in separate emails from their sponsors. And, like I said, I only read 2 of the writers – and then only when they write about something I am interested in. Anymore, I just delete their stuff unless it has an article from one of the authors I want to read.

TownHall is another one of those conservative publications that is similar to Human Events. I get so much stuff from them; I automatically delete it when it hits my mailbox.

Dick Morris sends out at least 2 emails a day. I enjoy reading some of his stuff but delete most of it. I delete a lot of emails that I would probably read if I had the time but I have other things to do. And, I get additional emails from Dick Morris’s sponsors wanting to sell me stuff.

There are more, a lot more, but I won’t bore you about them. I only wanted to frame for you my frustration over not having a focal point to make donations for the conservative cause. I am responsible for receiving a lot of what I get because I actually subscribed to a lot of those publications with the belief that they were all pulling on the same rope in a co-operative effort. But only by the broadest definition does that prove to be true. You may be surprised to know that I only support one PAC and that is Sarah Palin's SarahPAC. No, I don't support Sarah Palin for president, but I do support her efforts to get conservatives elected and speaking out for conservatism and conservative values.

The situation only points out the need for strong party leadership acting in unity to uphold the sentiments of the Party Platform written at the national convention by the delegates. For us to be forced to support so many different PACs only serves to weaken the main structure.

Suppose you wanted to donate money to help get conservatives elected. Which PAC would you donate to? All of them have positive attributes, but when a donation is made to one of them, it is to the exclusion of other worthy causes. If a person wants to promote the general principles of conservatism, there is no single place to send your support. The ideal place to support the ideals that conservatives hold dear should be the Republican Party. But the Party is being strangled for money by so many competing organizations and the perception that the Party is rudderless and adrift without a captain.

For instance, to support Gov. Walker in Wisconsin for the recall elections that are being held against the Republicans in their state legislature and, at the same time support responsible opposition to granting American Citizenship Rights to foreign terrorists would require donations to at least two different causes. The Republican Party does not engage Liberals on the issues that we hold dear and the many PACs vying for money is a tell-tale indicator of no confidence in the Republican Party to ‘stand up and be counted’. The Republican Party is paying the price for its feckless engagement of Liberalism and has given rise to the TEA Party.

The problem with supporting the TEA Party is that it is not an actual party. The TEA Party is a collection of frustrated voters that are looking for leadership on their issues of less government, lower taxes, and to reclaim the liberties that have been stolen. Americans are increasingly being stifled by heavy handed regulations. The “main stream” Republicans have done nothing to help. Our border security remains a joke, states are being sued by the federal government, spending is out of control, there is no control on short sellers, and decency and morality have been replaced by porn, foul language and a breakdown of the family unit.

The Republican Party used to stand for ethical behavior but has backslid to the point that it is indistinguishable from the gutter rat philosophy that permeates our society.

I feel a solemn sadness for this once great Party of values and dignity. We are either going to have to rebuild the Republican Party or allow it to ‘wither on the vine’ and pursue a better vehicle to champion our issues.

I expect better from the RNC chairman than an email wanting money. At present, sending money to the Republican Party is like throwing money into a black hole. We never get an accounting of any actions taken by the Party leadership. I haven’t seen one ad by the Republican Party defending any of our Republican Governors who are embattled with the public sector unions that are bankrupting the states. I haven’t heard a peep from the RNC about border control. In fact, other than request for money handouts, I haven’t seen any engagement by the Party in support of anything. There are plenty of blabbermouths on television advocating for a myriad of causes, but the RNC is a no-show.

Unless the Republican Party gets its act together and starts engaging the left, the TEA party is in the wings to become a third party. An active conservative third party would send the Republican Party to the graveyard along with the Whigs and others.

Robert welcomes your comment to this or any other of my commentaries.

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