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Obama, " ---I Love Me - I Love Me Not ---"

Resentful President

They Love Me -
Or Do They?

Posted on August 19,2010

If you had the chance for a one-on-one conversation with President Obama, where would the conversation lead? Would you bring up his bad economy, his legal birthright, his contempt for our friends and allies, his supplication to the leaders of those nations who dislike us, or would you heap praises upon the man for his oratory skills? So many choices to choose from, but after thinking about it, I would want him to know that he is a ‘taker’, that he has taken enough and that we have had enough of him.

For the lack of a better word, ‘taker’ describes President Obama pretty well. What is a ‘taker’ you ask? Well, essentially it is a person who takes. Takers are self-indulgent, selfish individuals whose feelings of self-worth are low. Takers bolster their low self-esteem through being ostentatious and gaudy. It is all for the satisfaction of ego.

Obama is a man who has taken advantage of the goodness of this country. Mr. Obama has been a beneficiary of this nation’s educational opportunities and its freedoms that allows anybody who desires to improve his or her lot in life, to obtain their goals. Even the high and lofty goal to become its leader is not out of bounds.

But Mr. Obama has one major flaw – he is resentful. He is like a man with a paintbrush in front of the Mona Lisa and resents the masterful work in front of him, so he desecrates the painting. He desecrates the painting because he knows he could never create such a work of beauty, nor appreciate the genius that created it.

So here stands Obama at the helm of a great nation. He stands there resentful of the masterpiece in front of him and he has a paintbrush. He looks the world over for something better but can find nothing as masterful as what is at his disposal. He has nothing to add or contribute except to desecrate it with old ideas that have already been tried and failed. He wants to repaint this elegant masterpiece in the hopes of showing the world that the Black race can accomplish great things.

Yes, race has to figure into the equation. Both he and Michelle live every cliché about Blacks that I have ever heard. I will not repeat them in this piece; suffice it to say that the first couple loses no opportunity to impress their importance upon any and all. Their arrogance and elitist attitude demonstrate a narcissistic desire to display their position of wealth and authority. Obama doesn’t resent his White-half, but I think he is resentful of being half-Black. His books describe his feelings with having to come to grips with being Black. He still struggles with being Black.

Barack and Michelle work at getting attention. The ‘hey look at me’ attitude is naked and exposed for all to see. The Obama’s think nothing of using Air Force 1 as their personal taxi, or tying up traffic and interfering with thousands of other people’s lives for a night on the town. Their actions make a mockery out of their excuse to not attend church because it might be disruptive to Washingtonians.

Michelle’s large retinue caters to her every whim. Maintaining such a large staff is expensive but Michelle thinks nothing of spending the taxpayer’s money in such a garish way. These two see themselves as royals and take self-indulgence to new heights. Instead of the national leader, we need so badly, what we have in Barack Obama is a peacock that ruffles at the idea of a picture taken of him without a tee shirt. Such pettiness demeans him and casts doubts about his confidence.

Obama has no choice but to try and destroy the handiwork of much smarter people than him. Half of him belongs to a race, that taken as a whole is a miserable failure – and he knows it. We try our best to find and allocate accomplishments to the Black race, but other than a few isolated individuals, there are no shining examples of accomplishments stemming from a race best known for being entertainers. We marvel at their athleticism, vocal and acting talents, but struggle to find substantive accomplishments to attribute to them. One day, but not in this piece, the rose-colored glasses will have to come off; we will be forced to face the awful truth about racial inequality.

Others planted the problems Obama perceives with dislike and jealousy for America. He, like so many other Black citizens blame Whites for their lack of achievement. It just whizzes over their heads that they may be their worst enemy. This is a nation where anybody of any ethnic origin can fulfill their dreams if they just decide to do it. Obama is an example of what a man can accomplish – but for some reason, he doesn’t have the confidence that other Black people can do the same. In Obama's mind, other Blacks don’t have the ability buy a home, raise a family, or even get an education without his help. How sad that we have a President with such little faith in people. Worse, the Black community is beginning to believe in themselves less and look more to Washington for life's rewards. That attitude inhibits the thought processes that motivate people to achieve on their own.

Rush Limbaugh calls Obama a ‘Man-Child’. The description is only partly correct. He is small minded, a less than confident man who is not a leader unless you define dithering as leadership. My conversation with Obama would be simple and to the point – “You have taken all that is good from America and never learned to appreciate its greatness. You blame everybody else for your own failings. Please resign so that the nation can recover from your incompetence.”

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."
- Confucius


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