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Allowing the Terrorists to Win

Failed Presidency

President Obama Sees
America as the Problem

Origianlly posted on my Google Blog Dec. 30, 2009. Revised and posted here Aug. 1, 2010

The terrorists are winning the battle and cowering this society. We have a President that projects weakness. Weakness is provocative to the Jihadists. With every policy action by this President, the signal of weakness shouts out loud and clear to everybody including our enemies.

It is we the American people who must now sit in airplane seats like criminals with hands visible on knees, and no bathroom trips during airport approaches, etc. We have a government that will not take a stand against the Muslim Jihadists who want to kill us. We have a President who is naive enough to think that by being obsequious to those who want to kill us will somehow make good guys out of them. This President is a loser and has surrounded himself with a bunch of radicals with a disdain for this country. Obama does not have a grasp of the greatness of this country or the reasons for its greatness.

The radical left is too stupid to understand that the only reason we do not have to carry prayer rugs and bow to Mecca 5 times a day is the strength and fortitude of our government and military. Even in the light of such a truth, we have to suffer the fools who attack our recruitment centers, drive the ROTC away from our colleges and jeer at our soldiers. The Jihadists prey upon our folly and gain strength from it.

I want a President who stands for something. We donít need a President who will not be proud of his country. We do not need a President who runs around apologizing for America and bowing to other world leaders. Obama is a liar, vacillates on important issues, and is constantly blaming others for the challenges of the office of the President. Hopefully, help is just 2 short years away, but in the meantime, we can help nullify his stupidity in November.

I want a President who understands that Rooseveltís policies did not get us out of the depression. What you hear about WWII getting us out of the depression is only partly true. The war in the economical sense was a giant government spending spree. It did put people to work but also ran up a huge national debt. What saved our bacon was after the war we were the only industrialized country that was not damaged by the war. It was kind of like having the only store in town. England was devastated, Japan was devastated, Europe and Russia were practically destroyed, so if the world needed manufactured goods, we were it. It was Rooseveltís policies after the war that enabled us to make a financial comeback. Roosevelt ended wage and price controls and unleashed our private sector.

From the private sector flows prosperity. Prosperity is not generated by government. Every dollar that the government spends has to come from the private sector. When the government spends ten dollars, it has to take ten dollars out of the economy. The more that government spends, the more that has to come out of the economy. At best, the only thing that the government can do is redistribute money from one group to another.

Redistribution may sound pretty good, but it has one major flaw. The source for the money that gets redistributed goes away. The entrepreneurs that make the money, get taxed out of existence or they relocate somewhere that allows them to operate without the high taxes that fund redistribution. And, with a declining income, if the government wants to continue spending, it has to monetize the debt Ė meaning just print the money. When that happens, the value of the money goes down. It is a lose Ė lose proposition for everybody.

The problem is very visible today in New York and California. These two states are broke. Liberalism broke them and now they canít find enough money to pay their bills. They have managed to tax the money makers and wealth creators out of their states. California, New York, New Jersey, and Michigan exemplify this problem. They have lost a large percentage of their wealth creators to states and countries with a better business climate. Compounding their problems is that these states donít lose the people that feed at the public trough. The bottom feeders get multiplied because when the wealth creators are driven out, jobs leave with them. The result of losing the wealth creators is higher unemployment.

That is why you need elected officials who understand how business operates. Obama has wasted the good will and hopes of the people who elected him with political patronage and payoffs to his buddies. He is dirty (politically) and the press continues to cover for him. For Shame!

I feel betrayed by this President. America is being led off the cliff by a left wing radical with the press rooting him on. I disagreed with Bush on a lot of issues, but I never had the thought that he was out to destroy us. He certainly would not have bowed to an Arabian King or criticized America.

Come on November. Hopefully we will survive this idiot President until we can change the makeup of the congress.

"A good listener is not only popular everywhere, but after a while he gets to know something."
- Wilson Mizner


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