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Sexual Progression

Sexual ProgressionSexual Progression - from
the Beginning

Posted on November 13, 2005

Why is it necessary to define the level at which our sexual education is mature? What would unlimited sex do to the culture as a whole? This article deals with sexual progression and exposes the dangers of excessive sexual behavior. The challenge is to recognize that our moral edicts were established to help humans live a peaceful happy life. The lifestyle we find titillating now is just a rehash of what has already been tried in the past. Sexual excesses have always led to disaster for the participating society. The undisciplined society fails for lack of social cohesion.

Sexual Awakenings: The old 'saw' that everyone hears when describing first encounters, “I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours”, may not cover everybody, but it certainly describes the mood of most children. Curiosity is the driving force behind most first encounters. Children certainly see their bodies as objects of exploration and wonderment. They are often eager to share this wonderment with their fellow siblings or playmates. Child rape, or any other coercive tactics are not to be confused with the normal childhood experiences.

Early Experiences: It is a temptation by some, to under- appreciate these early experiences. These early experiences represent our sexual progression in its earliest manifestations. They are an enormous event for a young person. It is important to realize that our earliest experiences are the sewn seeds that will shape our attitude about sexuality in adulthood. It is these early experiences that start us on our 'experience ladder'. Everyone has to climb this 'ladder' but more than a few will reach past the balance point. Persons past the balance point includes those adults who seek their own titillation by having sex with children. Molested children often become child molesters in adulthood. Exposing children to sex at an early age diminishes their capacity for a normal life.

A Cheated Childhood: Adult interference short circuits the learning process, leapfrogging the child over a lot of life itself. The chief casualty is of course, the learning experience. The pace of self discovery which normally would allow a child to appreciate other facets of growing up is now lost. Immediately, the child is exposed to the experience of the adult, and never gets to appreciate the learning process. Those first exciting moments of early introduction to sex become imprinted in a child and as an adult will try and recapture those moments.

We Progress: I’m not sure if there is a ‘normal’ path of sexual progression, but sexual adventures are like a hot bath. Experiences can grow monotonous if practiced repeatedly. The things that once held us riveted and turned us on, may not be that effective once we have experienced that particular event repeatedly. There is another downside to excessive sexual activities. Spending so much effort at sex is also detrimental to the other demands of life. Remember, when an experience is not as rewarding as it used to be, we are compelled to seek the next event which will erotically inspire us. Do you remember when you thought that ‘holding hands’ was great. Holding hands with someone you liked did bring joy, but soon, you wanted a kiss! Sexual progression is like that. You are on an upward spiral, and without limits and discipline, your sexual progression, if not contained, can hurt you, and others as well.

Pedophilia is Damaging: An adult can overwhelm one with little or no experience. Children who have been sexually involved with an adult often perpetuate the activity when they grow up. Experience mismatches are a recipe for failure for both the perpetrator (prison a real possibility) and the child, who can be psychologically scarred.

Scale of Progression: Again, there are no set rules for sexual progression. I want to demonstrate with a ‘scale’ of sexual progression which leads to sexual maturity and beyond. This scale is not definitive, but for illustrative purposed only.

Stage 1: Self exploration. Parents get pointed questions.

Stage 2: Shared explorations with siblings and or friends/ family members.

Stage 3: Masturbation and shared masturbation

Stage 4: Limited sexual activity with fellow juveniles.

Stage 5: Intercourse and more masturbation

Stage 6: Oral Sex is included in the repertoire.

Stage 7: Sex toys, group sex and public displays.

Stage 8: Drug assisted sex and Same sex relationships

Stage 9: Anything goes sexual attitude. Scatology, Golden Showers, Crisco Parties.

Stage 10: Seeking out youth and children. Sex with animals.

Stage 11: Snuff Sex –Sex without limits-

Stages of Progress: I am not trying to sell this scale, but want you to look at what sexual progression might look like. The point of looking at sex this way is to let you grasp the concept of what unlimited sex does to us as humans. Anywhere on the scale after ‘stage 6’, starts to dehumanize us. After ‘stage 6’, life’s focus changes into a never ending search for orgasm. Hard hitting, satisfying orgasms are harder to achieve, and require more and possibly illegal efforts. The things that turn us on become more complicated and often involve more than just our self or our immediate partner.

Stage Mismatches: Imagine if you will, a person at 'stage 10', interfering with a child at one of the earlier stages. Learning by discovery for the youth is mooted, yielding an overly experienced youngster who has not been able to enjoy, nor appreciate the learning process. It is a huge loss for that individual. Casualties of such encounters may include, but not limited to; Tenderness, reciprocation, appreciation for yes/no, and respect for the learning process. A person’s identity is at stake.

Stage 7 and Higher: A person who finds him/her self at ‘stage 7’ and above, need extraordinary self discipline and control to restrain from harmful activities. Since restraint is such an uphill struggle, it is doubtful whether a person who needs these activities for ‘satisfaction’ can prevent him/her self from participating in them. A refocus on understanding the consequences of harmful activities may create the basis that gives inner strength to these individuals.

Why have a Moral standard: Enter morals. In order for humankind to progress, it is important to not have us involved sexually beyond ‘stage 7’. Smart people from antiquity realized we needed rules that would govern human sexuality to prevent cultural chaos. Church and faith have been the caretakers of maintaining this balance, but of late seem to be overwhelmed. However, the logic of a system which would have couples sexually inexperienced at the time of marriage is at the core of these principles. A couple starting out together, sharing and learning together, have a much better chance of living happy, fulfilling lives, and avoiding the problems which befall the ‘stage 7’ and above crowd.

The Skill of Sex: It is indeed true that sexual attractiveness does not belong to those who are successful with great accomplishments. Those who are dedicated to their life’s work, seldom are sexual icons. I’m sure that there are exceptions to that statement, but for the majority of the successful men, sex has been regulated into less than the main thrust of living. The hard work and time it takes to establish a business, or just maintain their status quo takes a lot of time and energy. On the other hand, there is the individual who is satisfied with less, and has more time to socialize. Sex can be thought of as a talent that you have to practice to be good at. It stands to reason, that the practitioners of recreational sex are better at it than those who are busy with life's other challenges. The Hollywood story of the rich man's wife having an affair with the gardener is an example of this principle. A woman doesn't really have a good chance of maintaining sexual fidelity when married to a success driven man as wives are often neglected in this situation.

Losing Loyalty: Experienced lovers are always vigilant for the sexually deprived housewife who are trying to remain loyal. These housewives are pushovers for the experienced masher. The age of modern birth control has foiled traditional methods of maintaining loyalty within a marriage. Child bearing and maintaining children would normally blunt ideas of extra marital sexual gratification. Marriage, as an institution for the safe harbor and nursery for our children is endangered from a number of places. Modern birth control and attacks on morality and religion amounts to an assault on the American family.

Encroachment of Secularism: Secularism promotes the acceptance of all behavior. The ACLU brings lawsuits against any effort at instituting morality. Religion has traditionally been the bastion and guardian of morality, but in today’s world, icons such as Christmas, Easter, religious symbols and display of the Ten Commandments are under attack. (The threat of Lawsuits) The end product of the efforts of organizations such as the ACLU has coarsened this society. No longer does television promote virtuous behavior. The programming, even the commercials are blatantly sexual. To those organizations that promote the secular agenda, I would like for them to consider what would happen if they are successful with these efforts. Unlimited sex has a price that most Americans are unwilling to pay.

Sex Offenses on the Rise: The ever expanding number of sex offenders put a strain on our ability to control the problem. Currently, sex offenders are put into prison or at the least, have to register as sex offenders. Losing the moral compass that has protected our children has created a dilemma for our culture. The secular philosophy is gaining converts thanks to the constant attacks on religious institutions. More and more people are crossing over into the ‘stage 7’ and higher crowd. These increasing numbers result in an increased political power for those on the extreme side of sex. Soon, the political strength of the ‘stage 7’ and higher crowd will be able to write their own ticket with regard to sexual freedom. This permissive, politically correct society, could wake up one morning to find out that the ‘stage 7’ and above crowd are in the majority. Do you assume that they will continue to imprison or segregate themselves? Who then, are you going rely on for protection of your children?

Rejecting Religion: Rejecting religion opens the doorway for a totally Secular society. Secularism rejects religion. By embracing Secularism, we sacrifice the concept of right and wrong as a universally held personal and social standard. Enforcement of social order is surrendered to the government. Right and wrong will no longer be a universal concept, but instead, whatever is popular at the time. The principle of right and wrong is what binds us into a cohesive, peaceful society. It is our voluntary obedience to these principles that is the ultimate guarantor of freedom and peace. Otherwise, we will rely on a police state to enforce whatever rules the secular state decides to impose. I will leave proselytizing to the clergy, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that our morality as a people define our society. One of the weaknesses of a democratic society is that without morality, there is no assurance of security. Since we live in a democracy, and should the anti-religious crowd gain the majority, they could legalize sex with children or any of the illegal actions of today. Actions should be taken now to derail the direction we are heading as a society.

Coarsening of Society: Our energies need to be channeled into productive endeavors. The messages resounding throughout our culture today are very anti establishment. The example of a young girl such as Paris Hilton making a porn movie and being rewarded for her efforts with notoriety and a television contract do not help. The main stream television programs are replete with dysfunctional family situations. Fathers are feminized or made to look like idiots. The insidious devaluation of our traditional values is constant and unrelenting. We must be very careful as a society or we may undermine the fabric of the whole American society.

In Conclusion: Sex without limits is a carrot with an arsenic center. The ultimate goal of secularist is to destroy the bindings of right and wrong. The seductive power of sex without boundaries is the vanguard of this effort. I wrote this piece to illustrate sexual progression and how potentially harmful the extreme end of the spectrum can be. You will be the judge of whether sexual excesses interferes with our goals for achievement and successfully raising children.



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