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Unmasking Liberalism

Liberalism UnmaskedThe New Media
Makes Hiding Impossible

Posted on November 8, 2008

Modern Liberalism emerged in the late 1800's and the early 1900's as a counter to the heavy handed Capitalist system. Modern Conservatism was born after World War II as acounter to the encroachment of a heavy handed Government determined to tax the new middle-class beyond what was necessary.

This article does not explore the ancient arguments, which have been in existence for hundreds of years. Confucian adherents from Old China could not decide whether the profit motive was good or bad. There have been adherents to both sides throughout human history, but I will stick to the near past and present for this presentation.

Capitalism: A derivative of the mercantile system adapted from the Muslims. Secular in nature, whereby the individual can freely participate in owning, producing, and trading goods for the purpose of profit.

Conservatism: Modern Conservatism is not to be confused with the older label of being a Conservative. Earlier definitions of a Conservative bore a close relationship to the negative connotations of a Capitalist. There were a lot of people before modern Conservatism who wore the Conservative label only because they favored a weaker central government. Modern Conservatism is a derivative of the creation of a broad middle-class after World War II. Today's Conservatives are 'capitalist with a conscience'. Today's Conservatism has largely replaced the earlier capitalist secular model.

Liberalism: Modern day liberalism is also an offshoot of the capitalist system. Capitalism in the late 1800's and early 1900's, produced one of the harshest and greediest eras in the United States and abroad. The capitalist system was brutal to its workers, while the 'Capitalist' grew in power and wealth. Sympathy for employees grew and gradually turned into outrage over their condition. The wide gulf between the haves and have-nots was no longer supportable. The United States passed laws to govern the treatment of wage earners, and last but not least, trade unions were born to represent the workers giving them a voice in their employment. Liberalism has its roots in this period.

Empowering the struggling hard workingmen and women in this society proved to be very beneficial. There were a lot of positive developments that came from the better treatment of wage earners. They became consumers, which helped everybody. The increase in commerce created new jobs and a true middleclass was established. Optimism about the future of this country was high. Up until and through the 1950's, hard work was considered the way to achieve life's goals.

The softening of Capitalism with liberalism was a good thing. Too much of a good thing however, is disastrous. The old saying, "If a little does a little good, then a lot should do a lot of good", does not apply to liberalism. Too much control stifles a society as the new middleclass was beginning to realize. Politically, the people that benefited from the softening of Capitalism now had to protect their newfound middle class status. A lot of them changed loyalty from Democratic to Republican for protection against higher taxes.

The Cost of Liberalism: Lyndon Johnson gave us "The Great Society" and the "War on Poverty". The massive transfers of wealth mandated by these programs solved nothing. In the wake of these two colossal programs, a gigantic welfare system took root. This new welfare system demeaned a whole segment of our population. Hope for these people shifted from self sufficiency and confidence to one of dependence on the meager handouts from the U.S. Government.

The Black Female ascended to the role of 'breadwinner' (with her welfare check) and in the process that followed created a new paradigm for the Black culture. Now, instead of being the breadwinner, the Black males turned to hustling the females for money. The females received an increase in benefits if they had more children. Having babies was the key that unlocked the door to the treasury, and it didn't take long to latch on to this added benefit. The young Black girls used this as a strategy for getting away from home and be independent. All they needed to do was to become a single parent and they too became eligible for Federal Benefits.

These welfare programs did accomplish one thing; they solidified the Black vote for Democrats. Voter loyalty by the Black population is very important to the Democrats. The Democratic Party had been losing voters and was in danger of losing the plurality, they once enjoyed. Liberals cannot win without victims, and the 'Great Society' and the 'War on Poverty' delivered. Note, money wasn't the only reason for Black Support. Providing the excuse of discrimination also enabled victim status. Discrimination became the by-word of the day. All of a sudden, discrimination explained away all of the problems within the Black community. When Blacks looked around, poverty was everywhere. The Democrats quickly planted the notion that discrimination was the only reason for that poverty, and that only Democrats could correct that injustice.

The Democrats (liberals) carefully crafted their welfare programs to keep the Black population from succeeding. The list of the controls is long, but chief among them was the watering down of the school curriculum. By not challenging these young minds and stifling their education, the Democrats were making sure that the minority would not achieve any general success. Just for the sake of those whose memories are short I will relate some of the tactics used in education.

Tactics Used to Prevent Black Success:

1.) Students would no longer be retained in grade if they failed.

2.) Diplomas were handed out regardless of achievement.

3.) Schools were rewarded for attendance rather than quality of product.

4.) The parents' no longer had a say about the curriculum. (The liberal sociologists were in control.)

5.) Students lost the ability to attend neighborhood schools. (Further isolating parents.)

Parents are now blamed for the lack of education of our kids. It is a little ironic after schools made such an attempt to isolate parents from the process.

These efforts resulted in what we see with today's problematic public school system. The Black dropout rate is very high.

Fostering resentment against the White majority was also one of the tactics employed by the Democrats. The success of the Democrat's plan to keep a modicum of hostility by the Black population against the White population is an overwhelming success. Meanwhile, the Democrats maintain an appearance of fighting against the 'White Establishment' on behalf of the Black minority. It is a sick arrangement aided by the so-called Black leaders who have found profitability in maintaining this illusion.

The Secular Left: Liberals tend to be more secular, disdaining religion or code of right or wrong. They would govern all human activity from a strong central government. Only those in government would wield any power. They would maintain order in a similar way as modern totalitarian states. You can interpret maintaining social order to say, "A strong police force." The liberal hierarchy is an an elite group who would not deign to live as an ordinary citizen, but rather as someone above the fray.

Liberalism thrives by encouraging the indigents and Blacks into blaming others for their lack of success. Liberals portray themselves, as saviors of the 'downtrodden', but in reality, keeping the downtrodden down is the goal of liberals. Liberals cannot remain in power without victims. The elite classes of Liberals can remain on their lofty perch only with the democratic support of those who see Democrats as their ticket to Nirvana. That is why liberals employ another of their tactics, 'class warfare'.

Class warfare helps the liberal cause by creating the illusion of being a champion against those who are 'mean spirited' and successful. Liberal followers think that those who are successful get that way at their expense. Another myth created by Liberals is that most of the successful people are lazy bums who inherited their wealth. They don't deserve it. That wealth should be distributed!

Liberals must prevent the poor from attaining success. Liberals are well aware of the past. They know what happens to political loyalties if people succeed. Maintaining victims as victims is the only way that liberals can keep their political power.

Since the liberal establishment is working to prevent their constituency from succeeding, they define happiness in other ways. One of the obstacles that get in the way is religion. Religion teaches a strict code of right and wrong, also personal responsibility. Why is religion an obstacle to liberalism? In a word, sex. Not that sex is something new, but with religion out of the way, and with abortion on the ready to cure any accidents, there is no reason to not just enjoy sex in any flavor that suits you. Without religion or the fear of pregnancy, who is to say that indiscriminate sex is bad? By destroying the global principles of right and wrong, liberals calculate that you as a people would rather sin than succeed. And logically it follows, if your life is one distraction after the next, you aren't going to be able to succeed. Liberals see God as a competitor. The ruling Liberal elites cannot tolerate any leadership other than their own.

If you are a Liberal, then blame your lack of success on those who are successful. After all, your lack of success can't be your fault. Exalt and hold high those who would extort your loyalty at the price of your freedom. But for me, Freedom is better than Liberalism. I would rather be poor and free than poor and dependent on others.



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