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War Against the West

Muslims UnitedPraying Together

Posted on January 09,2010

How would you go about subduing much more powerful countries than any of those aligned with your own? Think about that for a moment. There arenít any Muslim countries that could alone or collectively stand up to the Western nations. That is a problem that Islam has solved. Islam seeks to purify the world and eliminate all infidels leaving Islam as the last religion standing. Numerical numbers do not translate into strong armies when arrayed against technological superior armies. So to accomplish their goal, Islam needed a strategy that would give Islam an edge over the West.

What Islam came up with was plausible deniability by the various Muslim countries. This was accomplished by forming an army called Al Qaeda. With Al Qaeda, the Muslim world had a front group that they could support, yet be able to deny their culpability.

All Muslim countries support Al Qaeda in some form or another. That support may come in supplies, money, a place to train the recruits, or a network of Madras's to indoctrinate young Muslims scattered throughout the Muslim world. The plan itself is masterful. Saudi Arabia may be supplying the manpower but not allowing training bases. In fact, they may militarily clamp down on Al Qaeda activities within their border, but you will notice that they still support the Wahhabi Muslim sect. In other words, they can openly oppose and support at the same time.

Whether we look at Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Djibouti, Indonesia or any of the other Muslim countries, the same pattern exists. Each one will oppose any Al Qaeda activity except the part that they are contributing. Al Qaeda becomes nebulous and not related to any particular country. There is not one entity that we can strike at because the threat is woven into the whole of the Muslim fabric.

Any Muslim nation that openly declares war on the West would be defeated. Iraq is testament to that fact. Saddam Hussein allowed his ego into thinking that he could openly oppose and get away with his activities. His invasion of Kuwait became his undoing. He made a bad miscalculation on whether the West would allow him to seize so much of the world's oil production. Realizing that open military junkets against the West were futile, the Muslim world figured out a strategy that would keep them safe and still carry out a war at the same time.

Have you ever heard of 'death by a thousand cuts'? The terror campaign carried out by Al Qaeda does the cutting, bleeding the Western cultures monetarily and spiritually. An embassy bombing here and a plane crash there, with suicide bombers and roadside bombs sprinkled all over the map have been a very successful campaign. Make no mistake; this Muslim effort to root out the infidels is a unified effort. At its core we don't find politicians, we find holy men. Holy men are not political which is why the politicians will not succeed with political solutions.

In the weaker countries the Muslims carry out their genocide of non Muslims. It is the motivation for the killings in Darfur and other countries such as the Philippines and Kosovo. Any country showing weaknesses becomes a target. Politically, Muslims have been able to distort the public perceptions about the indigenous peoples of their target countries as being bigoted and anti Muslim. They maintain the charade of being the religion of peace but their history tells a different story. Since the genesis of that religion, they have been at war with the rest of the world. Most of the territory under Muslim authority has come by way of the forced conversion. In other words, you become a Muslim or die. The children are put through their religious schools and know of nothing other than what they are taught at these schools.

The Muslim world will have to be defeated in such a manner that it will extinguish the idea Muslims have about other religions. It is the true test of our times to defeat those who mean non-Muslims harm.

In that regard, President Obama is showing no sign that he understands the scope of the problems that we are facing, or it could be construed that he does understand and privately supports the efforts of the Muslim world to destroy the non-Muslim beliefs and cultures.

In the meantime we as free Americans, under Obama, award those dedicated killers of the non-Muslim faith, full protection as if they were American citizens instead of vigorously pursuing those who want to harm us.

All of Obama's measures such as the closing of Guantanamo, bowing to the Arabian King, awarding combatants the same rights as citizens, giving phony deadlines to Iran, trying to force Israel to accept unacceptable terms, and not recognizing that the Fort Hood killer was a terrorist, all combine to give the image of either a weak President, or at least the consideration that he supports the Jihad efforts.

This President's aggressive takeover of our private sector, reckless spending of public money, and obsequious behavior to the Muslim world worries me. He is either really stupid or anti-American.



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