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CO2 - Getting a Bum Rap

CO2 Warming_NotCO2 Not a Cut and Dried Case

Update 03-23-2013:
Note - Even though factual information was used in writing this article, some of my conclusions are not complete. Additional data suggest other processes affecting Venus. Newer articles tell a more complete story for climate change. I leave my older articles on line to document the evolution of my positions. The hard data in this article is factual.

Posted on March 22,2007

Eating Crow: Nobody likes having to write a retraction, but a rewrite is in order to correct my first article about 'Global Warming'. Life, if nothing else, is a learning experience. My assumptions about the effects of CO2 on our climate were in error. Like most people I accepted as 'common knowledge' that man was wrecking the ecology and causing the global catastrophe of 'Global Warming'. Chief among the cause was our use of fossil fuels, and their subsequent discharge of CO2. Those conclusions were premature, and I now want to share with you additional findings that I thought were compelling enough to do a rewrite of my previous article.

Considering Mars: Mars stands out like a glittering jewel as an example of why we should not get too excited about CO2 causing the Earth to warm up. The atmosphere of Mars is 95% CO2. When it snows on Mars, the snow is CO2. By comparison, the earth only has 00.06% CO2 in it's atmosphere. If CO2 was the culprit that warms up a planet, wouldn't you think Mars would be warm and toasty by now? Mars is factually not warm, and CO2 is about the only gas in it's atmosphere.

Considering Venus: Venus is HOT. A Google search about Venus will yield only one result about the high temperature of Venus; A runaway Greenhouse effect. Well, because so many say so, it must be so - right? Believe me, I am not trying to say that there is no greenhouse on Venus or Earth for that matter, but there needs to be a little perspective about Venus. First of the noteworthy facts about Venus is that; It takes approximately 243 earth days for Venus to rotate once. The Venus day is actually longer than its solar year which takes 224.7 Earth days. Venus is, in reality, baking on one side and cooling on the other. Compare that to Earth which only faces the Sun 12 hours of each day. Earth probably wouldn't fare too well either if most of the year, it was facing the Sun with no relief. It is on the side away from the Sun where most of the cooling and condensation takes place. It is the condensed vapors that make up the cloud shroud that we see whenever we look up at Venus after dark. The Gases are shrinking and condensing on the cool side, and expanding on the side facing the Sun. The expanding and contracting of these gases generates the winds that cause the global circulation on Venus. The winds circulating in Venus's atmosphere transport enormous amounts of energy around to the side away from the Sun. But because of the high CO2 content of the Venusian atmosphere, advocates of the CO2 warming theory, declare Venus as an example of Greenhouse Heating. In the process, they disregard all of the other processes going on. If Venus wasn't hot, it would not be heralded as having a runaway greenhouse. You'll notice how they ignore Mars.

Contrary to Popular Belief: The Sun is the main engine of global or any other type of warming. Yes there is an increase in atmospheric CO2 whenever there is an increase in global temperature. But just like sweating is caused by heat, so too is more CO2 released whenever the Earth's temperature increases. The CO2 increase is a result of the Earth getting warmer rather than the cause of it.

Fun Facts: The Oceans are  the largest source of atmospheric CO2 . There are over 1000 (That's Thousand) sub-sea volcanoes. These volcanoes are doing one major thing that influences our climate. They are helping to heat the oceans and adding a lot of CO2 to be absorbed by the oceans. The warmer water gives up a lot of CO2 to the atmosphere. It is clear that the ocean waters have to get warmer first before that process happens. It is not the reverse, as is claimed, with the CO2 causing the oceans temperature to rise.

Listening to the Ice: The study of the ice cores that scientist have accumulated all tell the same story. The rise in CO2 always came after the increase of global temperature. Again, demonstrating that CO2 is a result and not a cause of global warming.

Watching the Sun: Another interesting study is about 'Sunspot' activity. This web site details the coincidences of the global temperature changes with sunspot activity. I am sure that you will appreciate how they track together. I highly recommend that you read about this fascinating study.

Man may or may not be able to affect what is happening: Science should be able to confront any global warming without the politicizing or hyping of information that isn't truthful. I urge you to click on this link and read some of the information that is not being distributed through the liberal media.

A Word About the 'Green Credits':  In a recent publicized event, Al Gore was chastised for using so much energy, whether by flying around in a private jet, or having such a high usage of electricity for his large mansion. All the while, Al Gore is telling everyone else to cut back on energy use. This would only be a tempest in a teapot if it hadn't been communicated that he was purchasing Carbon Offsets for his extravagance to maintain a carbon neutral footprint. First, purchasing offsets (Green Credits) doesn't prevent his rather large consumption of energy. Second, the offsets he was purchasing came from a company that he founded. So essentially, he was paying himself for the offsets. The idea of trading in these "offsets" is a scam of the first order. Under this reality, it puts a real hardship on third world countries that are trying to raise their standard of living. Does any one honestly think that those people wouldn't like to have air-conditioning? How about modernizing their farms with tractors and other conveniences? Should they not be able to use the most abundant energy forms on Earth like the rest of the world does? Already, the "civilized world" denies them the use of DDT that would save millions from Malaria. But thats a whole other subject.

This Rewrite about Global Warming: I rewrote my 'Global Warming' article to try and correct a mistake. However, I will leave the old article in place. Even though I no longer believe that humans cause global warming, I do still support maintaining greenery, and not polluting the air. Plants also perform cleaning actions and help with maintaining the oxygen we breathe. Developing clean fuels and protecting our environment should be a priority that all can support. Just leave out 'Global Warming' as part of the rhetoric. The scam of man made global warming is also another war declared on the poverty stricken third world. The shame of it! It amounts to the "civilized world" using energy unabated on the backs of the undeveloped world. As long as these third world countries do not develope, we can use their share of the energy resource pie and call it "carbon neutrality". What a deal!

If Your Internet Hookup is Beefy Enough, Watch the 1.3 hour video made up entirely of scientist who are trying to get the word out about how Humans are not the cause of the Earths temperature increase. This is a fascinating, factual video that literally rips to shreds the idea of CO2 causing global warming. This link will take you to the video, but be warned it is pretty big, so download it in segments to avoid any problems with your ISP.



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