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The Wonderment of Democrats

Liberal Destination

Liberal Policies

Posted on November 29,2010

Fascinating Democrats: Al Gore is back! He finally surfaced from hiding after his late night massage episode. Same old Al Gore though, now he claims that his support for corn subsidies was a mistake. He admitted it was a ruse for votes when he was running for president. Some ruse, Al Gore, as vice president, cast the tie-breaking vote for the corn subsidies in the Senate. With the stroke of his vote, Al Gore made corn too expensive for a lot of the worlds poor. Al Gore thought nothing of spending public money for votes. When you look back over the past two years, it appears that vote buying is a major tool of the Democrats. Just think of all the ways the Democratic Party leaders used to buy votes for Obamacare. Democrat’s love for the poor warms our heart’s cockles - almost.

It is not any different with Obamacare. Soon, good medical care is going to be too expensive for the rest of us. Liberals just keep spreading the poverty around. Dedicated Liberals aren’t bad people; their compassion for others is boundless as long as they can spend your money to demonstrate their good intentions.

Democrats love taxes. Tax donations give Democrats more money to purchase more votes. The Liberal thought process never comes to grip with reality. The thought never registers that their big-hearted activities might dry up the money source. Just look at the Liberal devastation in Michigan, California, New Jersey, New York, and other blue states. Their good intentions spell nothing but trouble for the red states that have practiced spending restraints. Red states try and avoid getting into the same bad financial position. Liberals managed to bankrupt their states with ‘good intentions’ and now the more responsible states will likely have to bail them out, putting all states at risk because of the foolish behavior of a few. And we won’t even mention the European mess created by Liberals in Greece, Portugal, France, Spain, and Ireland! Liberals never learn. Logic as well as the evidence of their folly screams at them and yet they plow mindlessly onward leaving financial and social destruction in their wake. But - they have big hearts ----.

We are in wonderment as we watch the actions of the Democrats. They will continue to purchase the love of their voting base until they run out of a way to pay for it. There is no pot of gold at the end of the Liberal rainbow. Retribution will begin, if it hasn’t already started.

Airport Security: The latest intrusive ‘pat-downs’ by the TSA is getting a lot of attention lately. There hasn’t been any good response from the left or the right. We hear the outrage but no solutions to the problem. All of those demeaning searches are only an extension of political correctness.

Evidently, it is not politically ok to check a real potential terrorist without demonstrating our fairness by also checking those who are obviously not terrorists. It is the same as the Liberal financial philosophy – spread poverty evenly so that nobody can excel. Of course, Liberal dictates allow the Liberal hierarchy, the elite group that fancy themselves as Liberal leaders, to exempt themselves from the rules they proscribe for everybody else. Freedom loving people should reject the Liberal’s stranglehold on freedom. The Utopia embraced by Liberals is nothing more than a poverty trap. Their point of view has not and cannot flourish because Liberalism undermines incentive from individuals to be creative and turn dreams into a reality. When there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, there is no need to look for it.

If you pay attention to such things, you will notice that what the Liberals cannot achieve at the ballot box, they look to the courts for retaliation and retribution. Liberals are a vindictive lot that will stop at nothing for power. As I write this, there are several investigations going on that Liberals hope will further their cause. They have resorted to criminalizing political opponents. Since they can’t beat their opponents with the ballot, they seek to ruin opponents using the legal system. It is a type of terrorism to discourage political opponents.

Again, I am in wonderment of the Democrats. Their treachery knows no bounds. But on the bright side, with some effort, they can be defeated. Time and time again, their ideas have put us as a nation further in debt both financially and morally. Sooner or later, it will all catch up to them and we will see a shift away from their destructive policies.

"The reason lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place is that the same place isn't there the second time."
- Willie Tyler


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