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Posted on January 17,2006

Homosexuality: A form of masturbation utilizing his/her body familiarity with a same sex partner. The intense orgasms and fellowship help create devotees to this lifestyle. The experience can be so satisfying, that many role-play being the opposite sex. Some are so driven that they forsake all public norms to make homosexuality the central theme in their life.

Lack of Commitment: Discounting the fact that there may be a small number of people born transgender, (inhabit the wrong body) most are weak personalities who find homosexuality to be easier to contend with than being heterosexual. Heterosexual relationships require more effort, more self-discipline, and a real family commitment since the lives of children are usually at stake. Homosexuals rarely stay committed, as numerous partners are often the rule. There is small need for any serious commitment from homosexual partners other than to assuage their sexual needs. Some try to emulate a heterosexual relationship but very few of these arrangements manage to last for very long. More than a gay wedding, the gays that I interviewed for this article longed for a society that treated their lifestyle as being 'normal'. Gay marriage is only a tool that they feel like will unlock the door that will free them from castigation by heterosexuals. A way of becoming ' respected' members of society.

Tormenting Guilt: Every person who takes up the homosexual lifestyle knows that the majority of society disapproves of this activity. Homosexuality, is a lifestyle that flaunts society norms and puts society as a whole at risk of becoming unstable.

Children at risk: Homosexuals have cast their lot in defiance of society. They have demonstrated that the society as a whole means nothing to them. Rules of behavior cannot be bound to these individuals who disregard the boundaries set by society. It is obedience to the rules of society that enable us to live in harmony with each other. Children need a safe harbor (home) where they can grow up without the influence of homosexuality and lustful designs crafted by those who seek their own selfish desires. Remember, in a homosexual relationship, only one of the two participants can be the parent of a child. The 'other' partner isn't bonded to the child in the same way as a protective parent would be.

Defiance of Society: Once a person breaks the time tested rules for living, breaking others come easy. Self satisfaction becomes the Holy Grail for existence to these individuals. Self-discipline is a casualty whose loss cannot be understated. Should a society become proliferated with those who would flaunt the rules, then that society is weakened.

Help the Weak: Tolerance for homosexuality adds to the onslaught against society at large. Care must be taken to insure that homosexuality remains a minority issue. The decision to become a homosexual must remain a very difficult one, else, those of weak character will be absorbed by homosexuality. Make no mistake, homosexuality is about selfishness. Homosexuals value the titillation of their bodies and the comfort given them by other gays more than committing themselves to the norms of the society. The values that bind a society together into a trusting unit become blurred when our population is diluted with selfish individuals who have adopted homosexuality. Sympathizers of homosexuality politically enable, and therefore also weaken the fabric of the society. Again, I iterate, this piece is written about those who choose the gay lifestyle, not those born transgender.

Help Available: Sure, everybody has needs, and wants to feel accepted, and, there are vehicles to help with meeting these needs. Help can be found within a personís family, or even the fellowship at church. This topic is not meant to ridicule homosexuals, for I feel sorry for them. They need strength, for they are weak I donít mean weak physically or politically, but weak of character and purpose.

We favor an open dialog on the subject without the shroud of political correctness.


Editor's Note: This one article has produced more criticism than any I have written. Most say it is too harsh, and maybe it is. However, the interviews I had with openly gay young people left me sad and feeling very sorry for the interviewees. Peering beneath the bravado of being openly gay, I found lonely guilt ridden people. Some were even too ashamed to face their family. Outcasts is more of a term I would use to describe these individuals. They have to depend on each other for support and more or less pretend that their way of life is normal. There was never an intent to leave the impression that homosexuals are somehow subhuman. Only those members of the gay community know their inner feelings. It would be beneficial if gays would discourage those who have been weakened by a bad hetero relationship, or who have suffered rejection, from taking the plunge into the homosexual world. Bucking these individuals up spiritually and just being a friend to them might be useful in keeping one who is just lonely and desperate for companionship from becoming gay. But herein lies my gripe with the gay community, instead rendering the help that is needed to these wayward souls, more than likely they are seduced.-


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