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Obama's Taxes Obama and Taxation Obama is obfuscating the taxes that will have to be paid by everyone. Somehow, he has been able to sell the idea that only the rich would see an increase in taxes. Health Care Health Care Dilemma--A Critique of the Democrat's Health Care Plan. Why the Health Care Plan should be rejected. Global Warming Icon Original Global Warming Article--Original 'Global Warming' article where I blamed CO2 for Global Warming.
Fatal Attraction Liberalism's Attraction - Like Conservatism, Liberalism has its attractions. But we should be weary of its charms. The Bubble Has BurstEconomic Downfall
Lest we forget how we got ourselves into this economic morass, this article deals with those CMO's and how banks got so over-leveraged.
Casey and CayleeCasey Anthony Trial
Bad behavior does not translate into being a murderer.Prosecutors have not linked Casey to her daughters death.
Pity for Obama SupportersPity for Obama Supporters
Obama has sacked and looted this nation, dashing the hopes for opportunity held by the young. Obama will pay the price for his folly. Election 2012 is just around the corner!
GOP Down for the CountDeath of the GOP?
Like a lot of you, I am tired of our Republican Party not engaging the Left on important issues. It may be time to replace the Republican Party with another that will carry the flag of Conservatism.
Chess PawnsPawns of Politics
Liberals cannot destroy success because to do so also destroys them. They allow their base to work themselves into such a frenzy, that they put their cause in jeopardy.
Debt LimitDebt Limit
The Republicans have backed themselves into an indefensible position with respect to the debt limit. Failure to recognize the harm their position creates is a colossal error.
heatHeat Footprint
As our population expands, the need for energy and its sidekick heat will also increase. It is our increasing heat footprint that puts us most at risk. CO2 accumulation will abate as we shrink our heating footprint.
GOP Candidates 2011GOP 2011
This article presents my first impression of the current field of candidates. This is only first impressions, so as time advances, and we hear more about their stands on the issues, I reserve the right to change my opinions.
PrayingPrayer --Prayer is how we tap into our spiritual self. Prayer allows us to bolster and reinforce our ability to cope with and improve our physical and mental health. Prayer is truly one of our most powerful resources. Red State TexasWill Texas Turn Blue
States like Texas are not immune to the cycles of Conservative and Liberal. We seem hard wired to equalize outcomes if things are going good. Then we suffer economical retreat because of our caring and nobility.
GOP Candidates 2011GOP 2011 A 2nd Look
This article presents my second impression of the current field of candidates. This is an update of my impressions of the leading contenders for the GOP nomination. As time advances, things could change.

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Articles by: Robert Gross All Rights Reserved
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