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Article by: Robert Gross All Rights Reserved
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Chasing Utopia

Moral Decay
A Hurt Lady

Posted on Dec 6, 2012

The social changes we are witnessing threatens all of us. Public ink is almost non-existent when it comes to recognizing the perils of over-the-top quests for self-satisfaction. The seven deadly sins which have been described by many are just as deadly today as in the past, and we are on the verge of reaping the rewards for our violations.

In today's society, nothing is out of bounds when it comes to the pursuit of pleasure. The new cultural diversity has no common head. Liberalism legitimizes any and all human activities as long as the activity doesn't threaten Liberalism. The Liberal big tent accepts all ideologies as long as they support Liberal candidates. Liberals are blinded by a Utopian idea of fairness that sadly gives little weight to personal achievement.

In one form or the other, all of us are a product of this culture and have chased the allure of the Utopian rainbow. It seems so natural. The inequities inherent within a society gives weight to the Liberal idea that equal distribution of wealth is a fair solution. Overlooked is that this type of social tinkering discourages ambition. When ambition is diminished, so does prosperity. Success in today's world is already tough enough to achieve without an oppressive government to have to deal with - whether that government is national, state or local.

But it is social inequities that make America prosperous. Tasting the bottom rung of our social structure provides for many, the incentive to improve their status and work harder to achieve. Poverty is one of the motivating factors fueling the desire for success in spite of the odds against succeeding. Without the hard work and dedication of the motivated few to acquire wealth, we would all be the poorer for it.

The only thing keeping us afloat is a battle-scarred, but weakening moral fiber. Moral decay is everywhere and spreading like an unstoppable scourge. Soon, excesses and narcissistic behavior will claim what is left of this once proud nation. Those of you still upholding honor and selflessness deserve credit and a special thank-you from all of us. It is your dwindling numbers that worries me.

Moral character cannot be retained nor acquired by throwing a dollar into the collection plate. Preaching platitudes and participating in feel good activities are sometimes only a mask to cover guilt and a despicable lifestyle.

Chief among the accelerants ushering us to the brink is Barack Obama. His policies discourage self-reliance and freedom. He appeals to the disaffected and non-achievers - stealing whatever ambitions that might otherwise have bloomed.

In closing, remember that without evil, there can be no good. Or one could say without a bottom there can be no top. Everything has to be relevant to something or it is impossible to determine its value. Lastly, it is our differences that drive us. Imagine a world where all the fish were the same size - we could never appreciate the joy of that chance encounter of catching that 'big one'.

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