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For the Budding Young Girl

A Young girl's Treasure Desirability is Like
Riches at Puberty

Posted on January 09,2010

I wrote this for my pretty granddaughter. She is 13, boy-crazy, full of confidence, and enthusiasm for life. She lives with her mother, brother, and the mother's boyfriend. She has already witnessed much of life's seedier side but still remains buoyant and effervesces with enthusiasm about life. I had reservations about her reading it because she might get the feeling that it is accusatory. But that is far from my motive for writing this piece. It was written out of love and with the hope she might glean something useful.

A young girl budding into womanhood should take to heart the following. --

Her body is like a chest of gold. She is rich in desirability and can attract males effortless. Life favors the young and adventurous. Young girls epitomize this with verve and enthusiasm. But there is another side to this story. It has been written in different ways but to the same end in countless civilizations.

In all matters of a girl sharing her body, only rape is not under her control. All encounters except rape have at the very least, her implied permission, if not complete advocacy. A budding young girl must be aware of the dangers of spending her treasure.

Remember, her treasure chest is full at puberty. With every coin of that treasure she spends on chance or planned encounters, she becomes a little less valuable. The female was given the mission to find and mate with a partner who will share the responsibilities of raising the next generation. It is sad but true, if a girl's treasury is dwindling, finding a suitable mate becomes harder. In fact, it becomes almost impossible if she is wasting her treasure on physical pleasures.

Many women who have spent their treasure foolishly live out the longest part of their lives lonely because they wasted their treasure on selfish frivolity. But the girl who does not waste her treasure remains desirable and has a better chance of finding an enduring mate. That road is not an easy one but the payoff is far greater than all other roads.

If a young girl is patient and thrifty with her treasure, she will reap the rewards of respect, love, family, and companionship in her golden years. Do not neglect those future years, they swoop down faster than an eagle can fly. The older years make up the longest part of our adult lives. And when age does become a factor in what you do and how you live, the dumb decisions made as a young girl could bear the bitter fruit of tumult and misery. But the girl who valued her treasure finds it much easier to find a suitable and dedicated father for her children. And it is her family that will become the mainstay of her life in those later years.

I would add in closing, if you are a budding young woman, do not waste your treasure on someone without commitment. Every coin spent from your treasure chest without a dedicated mate only makes you worth less. It is like removing coins from a piggy bank only this bank doesn't accept deposits. A young man with the promise of greatness will not willingly want to share his life with a woman who is worldlier and more experienced than he. Men find those types of women in brothels. In a brothel, men use the women and pay for selfish pleasures but do not marry them. The only difference between the professional prostitute and the young girl who gives away her treasure for free is that the young girl will not receive payment for her services.

Keep in mind, there is only so much treasure, and once it's gone, it can never be replaced.


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