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RecessionGloomy Outlook
Beyond the hype over the kick-off of the 2011 Christmas shopping season; pesky details are poised to nullify all of the hoopla about the 'return of the spending public'.
Founding FathersLiberalism Today
When I look under the hood of Liberalism, there is no longer a 'There' there; just a Utopian dream with no workable solutions. Liberalism leads to the equal sharing of emptiness, poverty, and dependence.
PreambleGuarding Freedom
Freedom is precious and if we are not careful, freedom may slip away. The assault on our wealth creators is an assault on ourselves and our way of life.
Over CrowdingOver Population --Population control is a BIG issue. People will soon reach the point of eating themselves out of house and home. As we dominate and destroy the ecology, we are factually making war upon ourselves. MarketingMarketing and Taxes
The economy is built around the end-user retail sale. Retailers are barraged with fees and taxes to the point of extreme overpricing of goods and services. Only the State sales tax is present on your receipt.
Greek God ZeusNeeding God--- We practice religion for a reason. Our faith is like a contract with the others in our society. Faith dictates how we interact and sets the guidelines for behavior. No society has ever lost the bonds of that contract without facing cultural death.
Different CultureCultural Changes--- Our culture is changing in dramatic fashion. Technology has created changes in the way we communicate, and a general moral decay is causing social changes. GOP Vs. GOPGOP Vs. GOP--- What's up with the Republican wrangling? We are being asked to make judgments about ethical profiteering. Which side do you fall down on? Four Candidates LeftThe Final Four--- This article is my third about the GOP candidates. This is an update of my impressions of the remaining contenders for the GOP nomination. Things could still change.
Veggie PlateFood Choice Ethics--- Are you a vegetarian? Can ethics be related to our food choices? You may be surprised by the narrowness of choosing one type of food over the other. Burning BushAdventure Into the Weird---An adventure into the world of my imagination and the Chronicles revealed to me. Explore life's beginnings and the guidance of the Gabriel. Moral DecayDownward Spiral---The numbers of Americans willing to live their lives without constantly searching for personal pleasure are dwindling.
SmokingSmoke Inhalation---Smoke inhalation is a very dangerous delivery system for relatively harmless drugs. Sand blasting your lungs with smoke particles can permanently damage your pulmonary system. RelationshipsRelatively Speaking 2---An important article about the social wealth classes and their relationship to the prevailing political viewpoints. Continental CongressMaking Politicians Accountable --- The legislature of this nation is fast becoming more dysfunctional, corrupt and despised. How can this problem be addressed? Can it be corrected?

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Articles by: Robert Gross All Rights Reserved
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