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A Physics Major at the University of Texas
Retired from the offshore drilling industry where he worked as an Electrical Supervisor, Licensed Chief Engineer, and Electrical Designer.

Robert Writes for 2 Online Magazines and three private web sites.
Interests include computers, Cosmology, Evolution, and Environmental Research.

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Field of View

Over the Limit

Left-Right Scales
Out of Balance

Posted on April 16,2011

Take heed all of you Liberals, Conservatives, Republican and Democrats. You have an invitation to move a little further away from the contentious viewpoints of political clashes to broaden your field of view. All of those minor skirmishes may be important to some of you, but you should take some time to look at the overall picture.

When you scope out from the political harangue of the day and look at the whole battlefield, your perspective might change.

For instance, had you lived during the beginning of the Civil War and witnessed the early Southern victories, a narrow point of view would have concluded that the South was going to win. But with a broader view, we get a much different conclusion. The industries of the North were just getting up to speed, the bulk of the wealth was in the North, and the population density was much greater in the North. In reality, The South had only one hope and that was a political settlement. By inflicting enough damage to the North, the South hoped to turn public opinion in the North against further fighting. The South knew they couldn’t win in a slug-fest.

Whether their cause was just or not, in the case of the Civil War, the South underestimated the resolve of President Lincoln to preserve the Union.

But this piece isn't about the Civil war, it is about your field of view. Broader viewpoints help us to understand, and thus we have coined the phrase, ‘The Big Picture’.

A Broader View of Political Philosophies

It doesn't really matter where your heart and enthusiasm lies in politics. Somewhere between the hard left and the hard right is the center. Neither the hard right nor the hard left can improve the society. The hard left means ruin and poverty, while the hard right means greed and avarice. A society needs some from each to thrive.

We need the left's strident efforts to look out for the less ambitious among us. But the lefts’ efforts need local control rather than the centralized model. Centralization is both inefficient and top heavy. A centralized power structure leads to elitism and domination of the society by the few. As humans, we are all connected and only the hardhearted among us would allow wholesale misery and starvation.

We need the right's ability to create wealth to sustain our society. The profit motive has been proven to spur individuals into taking those risks that prove to be so beneficial for the rest of us. For that reason, profits and wealth attainment deserve protection. Liberal or progressive models extinguish the drive to create wealth by creating dependency. Without wealth creation, a society can only drift into poverty.

The great political fights of our times are for the center. The center drifts right and it drifts left. At the present, the center is too far left. Judge how far left we have become by using our indebtedness as a measuring stick. Sustained debt is the hallmark of liberalism.

Governments can sustain themselves as long as they can maintain a revenue stream. The Middle East sustains itself with money from oil; they have no other revenue stream. The population is largely unemployed…it is a powder keg in the making.

China has made a hard right turn from its Maoist Communist days. Opportunity is now available to almost everybody in China because of its acceptance of the profit motive. China is now among the leading wealth producing countries in the world.

Some of the countries with very liberal governments that are hanging on because of oil revenue are Norway, Sweden, Russia, and Venezuela. When that single revenue source runs out, unless they change their governmental structure, their societies will collapse under the weight of their obligations.

Balance is the all-important key to success. Both philosophies are necessary for a vibrant society. The trick is to maintain that balance. Take an unbiased look at every country in the world. If that country is swamped with debt or limping along with a single revenue stream, then that country has a liberal based economy. The countries that are doing well are countries that allow the free markets to thrive. Go ahead, pick one, and then look at its political internals, employment, and revenue streams. Only those governments run by a dictator, by definition, cannot be liberal or conservative. A dictator can be a tyrant, benevolent populist or anything in between. Let me know if you find an exception.

In conclusion, take a broader look at where we are heading. The road we are on is getting deeper potholes and developing large cracks, the further we go the worse it gets. It is time to turn around and find a better road.



"If you are not slow and not fast, then you are only half-fast"

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