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Casey Anthony Trial

Mother and Daughter
Casey and
Caylee Anthony

Posted on June 26,2011

The riveting trial of Casey Anthony has sucked the wind out of most news events. The trial is getting wall to wall coverage on Fox News and banner coverage on the established media. The case is far from the normal who-done-it saga. From the beginning nearly three years ago, we as a nation helped look for little 2 year old Caylee. But sadly, Caylee was found in December 2008, almost six months after she disappeared in Orlando. Prosecutors believe Casey suffocated her daughter in June 2008. She didn't report the girl missing for 31 days.

It was Casey’s failure to report her daughter’s death that has garnered most of the bad press against her. There can be no doubt that by her not reporting the death, there is reason for suspicion.

But suspicion does not a killer make. Much attention has been given to the fact that Casey went on a drinking and partying binge after the little girl’s death. Is this the way a grieving mother would act if her daughter died by accident?

I can’t tell you how many songs that have been written about people who turned to the bottle and other such mind numbing activities trying to wipe out bad memories. If you are a country music fan, you understand the power of ‘lost or cheating love ones’, and how certain traumatic events affect a person. After breaking up with his girl friend, a friend of mine went on a 2 month long drunk. He was seen at every honky-tonk around, crying openly in some, trying to shake the memories that flooded his mind constantly after the breakup. Could it be that Casey Anthony was going through the same type of traumatic hangover as my friend?

The fact that the little girl may have been in the trunk of the car for an extended period of time fits logically with the question of what to do with the little girl after she was dead. It seems fair to say that somebody feared reporting little Caylee’s death. If it had been reported, there would have been an investigation. Somebody in that family feared that an investigation with a fresh body might yield real forensic information. What prosecutors did finally retrieve, was just enough remains to make guesses.

The fear could have been, as the prosecution has theorized, that a murder took place. Or fear that the authorities would learn that little Caylee was not properly watched and had opportunity to go swimming on her own. This family seems to have secrets that they don’t want revealed. The defense stated in his opening remarks that the grandfather was a molester. In fact, if anybody could have had a motive in little Caylee’s death, molestation could have been at the root of what happened.

It does not take much imagination to grasp the scenario of Caylee’s death if the molestation ingredient gets thrown into the mix. Suppose that the Grandfather molested little Caylee and then drowns her. He leaves her in the pool until discovery. Nobody is the wiser, and it appears as if the little girl just managed to get into the pool on her own and drowned. Of course this is all just hypothetical, but something happened to that little girl and the prosecution has not convinced me that Casey Anthony is a child murderer.

From the beginning of this episode, I have had the feeling that the Anthony family is hiding something. Their secrets may be very benign, but important enough to them to keep their secrets at all cost. Cindy Anthony’s testimony for the defense seems to contradict the testimony she gave for the prosecution and has raised significant doubts about the prosecution’s case for murder.

We may never learn the real storey of little Caylee’s death. The prosecution hasn’t presented a convincing argument for their contention of capital murder. In my heart I really believe something extraordinary happened to little Caylee, and if possible would really like to water board the grandfather just to get at the truth. But short of that, I have to vote not guilty on the evidence I have heard so far.

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