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Out Milky WayMaking Dark Matter visible --- The Cosmos holds a lot of secrets. Among them is the puzzle and search for matter that escapes detection. We know it is there, but not much more. 1909 Sweatshop WorkersPolitical Extremes--- The extremes of the political spectrum are poisonous to any society. As our culture continues its drift to the Left, we put America in jeopardy. Brain LimitationsBrain Limitations---As our world becomes more complex, we will depend more on our machines for complex problem solving - Reaching our limits.
MemoryMemory Limits---Is there a limit to how much storage is available in a normal brain? Memory limits present interesting questions. Coming Cold20th Century Sun---Often not reported, has been the intensity of Solar radiation during the 20th Century. AffluenzaAffluenza---As long as drinking alcoholic beverages is held up as a 'Rite of Passage' into adulthood, the problem of youthful over-indulgence will continue at its present destructful rate.
RelationshipsRelatively Speaking---Communication between humans would be impossible without making comparisons. Only because things are relative, are we able to communicate meaningfully. Grinding IndividualismFolly of Egalitarianism---It doesn’t matter if they go by the label of Liberal, Democratic Party, or Egalitarian, their policies do not provide a platform for progress. Cheap LaborRespecting Low Paying Jobs---More than ever our society depends upon the people willing to do those tasks that are necessary but do not pay very well. Become aware of the importance of these jobs. These people deserve our respect.
Lawyer SopLawyer's New Sop---The Sarah Murnaghan case puts the spotlight on a new era and money stream for lawyers - challenging the rulings of the death panels. Crappy JobsThe People Pump---It is clear that our need for hard working laborers is not going to go away. It is also clear that the American entry level workers will not fill those positions. CashThe Rich---I just want to throw rocks at the TV listening to the continuous theme of the unfair distribution of wealth in this country. The Democrat’s Robin Hood plan only serves to hurt everybody.
MoralitySocial Standards---Clearly as humans, we need social standards for behavior. The chaotic life that is inevitable without the side rails of morality put intolerable strains on an individual as well as society. OmissionsRepublican Failure 2012---Bad Strategy...Romney decided to stiff large numbers of conservative supporters and he made no legitimate effort to include minorities. Faulty PrimariesFaulty Primary System---Romney wasn't the choice of most Republicans, he was chosen by a faulty primary system. This article is part 1 of 2.
Time to ChangeObama Has Created a
New Tipping Point
--- Our Political direction is ultimately controlled by the voters. Once the voters sense the current political situation no longer works for them, a tipping point is reached.
HungerGreatest Challenges--- The challenges of our time are not world peace, economics, or political problems. Our challenges lie in controlling our expanding population and reducing our waste heat output. Big BangWas There Ever a Single Big Bang--- Questioning the Big Bang. Maybe there are other explanations for our Universe.

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