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Growing Impoverishment

A Choice

Choose Your Direction

Posted on October 8,2010

The approaching Christmas Season has me so dispirited that I no longer want to spend money for loved ones. Why, you ask?

Christmas shopping once helped the American economy by supporting American industries that paid good wages to Americans. That is no longer true. In my attempt to get some early shopping bargains, I was going to buy a tool set for my son and found a nice chrome-vanadium metal set of wrenches made by Stanley Tool. But upon closer inspection was the label ‘Made in China’-sigh-. With so many of our American brands farmed out to China, it is no wonder that there are so many Americans unemployed or with marginal jobs.

I like the American cars, especially the Chevrolet products. But they are too expensive for my wallet. It is sad that I can buy a Hyundai or Honda of equivalent quality for so much less, that the foreign brands are hands down the better deal.

It shouldn’t be this way! But as long as we have the big spending Liberals running the country, our impoverishment is what we can expect. The Liberals tax our businesses and everything that this country produces so much that they are running our job makers and creators out of the country. We keep electing the same politicians telling us the same pack of lies about how they will cut taxes and create jobs.

What we get instead is a takeover of American firms and higher taxes to pay for broad and expansive government programs. Enough already!

Even my penchant for smoked oysters by the once venerable Crown Prince brand has not been able to escape the pull of favorable tax and labor practices of China. The last can of smoked oysters I purchased was labeled ‘Product of China’. It was sad to think that this once great company had farmed out their operation to China; I couldn’t eat the oysters, I gagged at the thought.

The professional politician has been feathering his nest at our expense for too long. It seems that after a few terms in office, they get corrupted and all of their energies are focused on getting re-elected. Re-election takes a lot of money and career politicians have defined the term of fund-raising into an art form. Their favors for the donations they need for re-election cost us all dearly.

Yes, I just wanted to thank the Democrats for screwing up our country. They just can’t leave anything alone. The Democrats seize every opportunity to grab more control over us and our money. There was a time that I loved to go to the casinos and play the slot machines but not anymore. Once again, the Government has put their greedy paws into an industry that once thrived and is now suffering because of the tax structures placed upon them. It is next to impossible to win on the slots because of the take from the taxing authorities. Casinos that go bankrupt are now common and getting worse. People are not stupid, and when they can’t win at least some of the time, they will no longer spend their money for a losing effort. If you drop 4-6 hundred dollars in an evening at a casino, the best you can hope for is maybe a free meal and a complimentary room for your efforts – but forget about winning. The odds of winning have been so stacked against you, winning is almost impossible. Some fun ---!

Clarification – Winning at a casino has always been a challenge, even before local and state politicians began to see casinos as a ‘come and get it’ place for money. But, as a customer from those bygone times, memories of hearing squeals of joy while walking through the casino floor were common and their joy was infectious. It was easy to imagine yourself as the one with a big hit. Also, I have no memory of not being either ahead or at least even at some time during an evening of slot play. It was always up to me to get out before my money was gone or stay and hope lady luck would smile on me. Even though I often chose to stay, it was my choice. In today’s casinos, that choice is very rare. True, there is a chance of winning, but the odds of your taking money out of a casino playing the slots are slim to none.

Liberalism’s heavy footprint is in all parts of our society, just look around. We now have 40 million people on food stamps because Liberals have such a disdain for success. If you make money, the Liberals make sure that you don’t keep it. By taxing your success, Liberals kill any incentive to further develop your business and create jobs. Liberalism impoverishes people. Liberalism is about the acquisition of power at the expense of prosperity. Wealth redistribution works until there is no more wealth to redistribute – that is about where we are now. Soon the Government will be so desperate for money that they will literally print it. They will have to. They will have taxed our entrepreneurs and businesses out of existence or driven them and the jobs to the more tax friendly countries.

We have witnessed the devaluation of our national currency during this past year and it promises to get even worse. Unless spending is curtailed, our dollar will become worth more as toilet paper than money.

If you have a heart and concern for this nation, you will send the Liberals packing in November. Maybe it isn’t too late to undo the harm done by Obama – but it has to be a decisive victory for conservatism to reverse course.

"No man needs a vacation so much as the man who has just had one."
- Elbert Hubbard


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