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Liberalism Only Sounds Good

Stop Liberalism

Don't Be Taken In

Posted on June 18,2010

Paying attention to Liberal arguments is akin to listening to a drunk. Did you know that a drunk can solve all the world’s problems after a few drinks? I can relate with a personal anecdote that I will share with you.

During a night of libation it occurred to me that by quitting my job and taking my skills to Jacksonville that I could really set the world on fire. The more I drank, the better the idea sounded so I decided to act. I called my boss (while drunk) and told him to take the job and shove it to where the Sun doesn’t shine. I had everything worked out (in my mind). All of the pieces fit to form an intricate but complete puzzle.

The next morning I woke up to realize that I was without an income, had a bar tab I couldn’t pay, rent that was coming due, and absolutely no prospects in Jacksonville. So hangover and all I went back to my job and sheepishly asked my boss if I still had a job. He and the rest of the office personnel had a good laugh and told me to get back to work.

Lesson – it sounded so good to me while I was drunk, even reasonable. But reality brought that great idea back down to Earth.

Listening to a Liberal is like listening to a drunk. They have everything figured out except the part where the application of their ideas meets reality. Liberalism sounds good to a lot of people because the very idea of getting more and doing less is appealing. Having someone else pay the bills is always going to attract those who are less willing to take life seriously.

I am bombarded everyday with Liberal political thinking. Reading their material magically transports me to a place with a barstool where the jukebox plays loudly and you can hear billiard balls careening around the pool table. To complete the scene there is a buddy on the adjoining barstool telling you of his latest revelation about how to save the world.

Today’s Liberalism has no end game. I always ask Liberals if they even know what is at the end of their rainbow. Their notion of equality for all does not have a practical application. The cookie cutter mold for people is an appeal to our instincts of fair play. But fortunately for us, all people do not have the same aspirations.

Fortunately for society, we have enough of those aggressive people who want to excel and accumulate wealth. We depend of those few determined individuals who would take a chance and establish a business for our opportunities. We use their efforts as a springboard for our careers by accepting employment from their creations.

It is Liberalism that erases the incentives for those motivated individuals who put it all on the line so that they can achieve. Crushing taxes and regulation are the hallmark of Liberalism. The ability to create wealth diminishes under the Liberal model. The state becomes the beneficiary of any profits from individual effort. As the Liberal establishment confiscates the proceeds from those who endeavor to be successful, they not only kill the dreams of these motivated individuals, but they also impoverish their Liberal supporters. How, you might ask?

Rich people can and do spend a lot of money. They provide the jobs that the rest of us depend on. Some of the industries that depend on those horrible rich include yachting and small boat manufacturers, private aviation, home builders, landscapers, construction enterprises, jewelry industry, and financial institutions. Not to mention those who start up restaurants, welding shops, warehouses, the chemical industry, insurance, and supply companies – and the list goes on. We all work for those who had the courage to take that next step and achieve personal wealth. Without those entrepreneurs, there would be no progress.

Over regulation and taxation destroys the incentives for those gifted greedy people to realize their dreams and in turn ruins it for everybody else. Personally, I don’t feel bad for the poor as long as their opportunity to move up the ladder of wealth is protected. The only guarantee should be what is constitutionally provided – equal opportunity. No guarantees, just the promise for a shot at achieving individual goals.

Most people choose their path early in life. Some choose a life filled with small rewards and are satisfied with that path. It may come as a shock to most Liberals, but being able to drink a beer, raise a family, and root for a favorite sports team is very satisfying to a lot of Americans. These people are independent and while not getting rich, have pride in their accomplishments and appreciate what they have. This is the center of society.

From the center, we go in two opposite directions. There are the very aggressive and wealthy in one direction, and those who bring up the bottom rung of accomplishments on the other.

The Bottom Rung: Yes, people for their own reasons choose to not advance, especially with the incentive of welfare. This group is satisfied with less – they are lured by the frivolous pleasures life has to offer that requires little in return - such as letting the taxpayers buy their groceries (food stamps), taxpayers to pay for their housing (public housing), taxpayers to pay for their medical services (public hospitals and Medicaid), and there are other services such as head-start, WIC program, and assistance for their children.

Although those on the bottom seem to have it made, life on the bottom is not a bed of roses. In fact, this life is a trap. The welfare trap is harder to escape than the Liberals who spawned the trap can possibly know. Those who would transfer the wealth of producers to these bottom dwellers, think they have done a good thing. The reality is much harsher. Hope is a scarce commodity in these enclaves of the poor. What it means to be an American gets lost in the day to day struggle. Life doesn’t look so good to those trapped in this existence. These people look around and see the ‘outsiders’ with better housing, easier access to the better things that society has to offer, and holding positions of responsibility. Class warfare becomes an inevitable outcome of such an arrangement.

Regardless of how good it makes a person feel to be under the illusion that they are helping the poor by encouraging those large government programs, it is vital to understand that such programs steal people’s dignity and pride. By making subsistence living easy to get into, you are in fact, encouraging people to migrate into that system.

One more often overlooked problem associated with large centralized programs is that we are dealing with humans. Intelligent humans, after a short time, will figure out ways to game the system. One example of such contrivance is the trade in food stamps. The going rate for the excess food stamps is +-50% of the value. In other words the food stamps get sold for cash. The sheer number of scams for welfare benefits is huge.

We can no longer just keep throwing a dollar in the plate and hope things will get better. We are creating a sub-class of people who believe that it is their right to live off the rest of us. It is time to try something new. I personally have no solution, but that doesn’t mean one doesn’t exist. The system in place now is not advancing this society and in some respects is dangerous to the whole economy.

What is especially troublesome is the loss of freedom for our under-achievers. They are paid to be bottom dwellers and their children are brought up within that system and as time goes on, we become a more divided nation. Class warfare can destroy the nation as certain as taking away the incentive from the achievers.

The current administration is not based in reality – if they were, they would be incentivizing the achievers instead of having them migrate their businesses to friendlier countries. Look at the things you buy – the ‘Made in America’ label is getting scarcer with each passing day. End part 1 about Liberalism.



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