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Political Distractions

Alinsky's Rule 13 Liberals Embrace Alinsky
for Power Acquistion

Commentary for Friday 10/11/2007 Political Distractions

Competing Ideologies: The pros and cons of Conservatism and Liberalism are never discussed as competing ideologies. Instead of a meeting of the minds between these competing political forces, we get distractions. Personal peccadilloes become the substance of the discussions. Just the fact that a member of a political party doesn't live up to public standards does not disqualify the ideology represented by the transgressor. Human failings come in all stripes and only represent a weakness of character for that particular individual.

The Low Road: The Liberals have adopted the philosophy of Saul Alinsky who advocated that the ends justify the means in the acquisition of power. Saul Alinsky wrote: "my aim here is to suggest how to organize for power: how to get it and how to use it..." This is not to be done with assistance to the poor, nor even by organizing the poor to demand assistance: "...[E]ven if all the low-income parts of our population were organized ... it would not be powerful enough to get significant, basic, needed changes." "that you do what you can with what you have and clothe it with moral arguments ... Moral rationalization is indispensable at all times of action whether to justify the selection or the use of ends or means."

Alinsky's Influence: Alinsky principally advocated usurping the power of the middle-class by whatever means available to radicals wanting to achieve power. The tactics advocated by Alinsky have become the model adopted by Democrats. Human failings are used against the Republicans to demoralize and discourage them from voting. Following Alinsky's strategy: "Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. You can kill them with this. They can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity."

No Defense: The Conservatives have no answer for these tactics. The erosion of Christianity has been disastrous to them. Although they advocate the 'high road', as individuals, they are a part of the culture that surrounds them and are as flawed from a character standpoint as the next person. Espousing high ideals and standards and living a private life contrary to those standards smacks of hypocrisy.

No More High Road? What is a Conservative to do? There are a lot of culturally repugnant activities that are becoming mainstream. Should the Conservatives just ignore them? Most people do not want to live in a cat box, and without some advocacy for decency, that is where we are heading.

All Around Us: Just take the time to look around at what is happening to our society. We now have to have police in schools, pornography is mainstream, business ethics are sorely lacking, we have very corrupt local governments, we have to live behind locked doors, and we can't hire enough police to keep the violence off our streets. There is a crisis in our schools because there is no discipline either in the schools or in the students' homes. Generally, there is no code of ethics being enforced. Liberals are against any type of moral judgmental declarations, preferring to rely on what ever is popular at the time with legislation. Passing laws piled on top of other laws is a recipe for the establishment of a Police State. Liberalism establishes no norms for the society to structure their lives by.

Police State? As improbable as it sounds, the police are going to be called upon to enforce whatever is popular and passed by the legislature at any given point in time. It's not just the legislators; there are the activist judges with their personal interpretations of the law. The morass of restrictions imposed on the society will affect everyone. Freedoms that you normally take for granted may no longer exist if the Liberals have their way. In the confusion, the only way to have order will be with the strong imposition of enforcement. Our society cannot exist in such chaos, and we as a people will become even more fractured. Eventually those fractures will become fissures and then the whole thing falls apart.

Dialogue: The distractions must come to an end and a real dialogue established between the competing forces. These distractions are so demoralizing that the disaffected party members are likely to stay home during the next election cycle. Running for president is not necessarily a statement of leadership. What the rank and file really wants is someone to step up to the plate and lead the party. Running these bland, milk toast candidates who canít get out of their own way, and who are all over the board on the issues is a disaster in the making. Most GOP candidates are stuck defending their past, and as long as the party leaders think that name recognition is the golden ticket to success; the lesser-known candidates are shrugged off and given no chance.

Not Perfect: We have no opportunity to elect perfect people because they don't exist. All we can do is weed out the really stinky ones. Don't allow slander to side step the issues. Stay focused on those issues that the Conservatives hold dear. Allowing the distractions to become the issues is not way to beat the Liberals.



"If you are not slow and not fast, then you are only half-fast"

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