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No Defense of Rick Perry

Perry Politics
Will He Survive?

Posted on September 25, 2011

When you read this piece, it will sound like a defense for Rick Perry. Nothing could be further from the reason for writing this.

The press is once again trying to shape the arguments against a conservative candidate. Establishment Republicans are also doing their utmost to prevent a conservative from being the nominee of the Republican Party. They are focusing upon two issues and trying to disqualify Perry because of his actions and words.

One of those issues is the flap over his executive order to have the young girls of Texas inoculated against HPV. Perry admitted that using the executive order was heavy handed and that he should have used the legislative process. But I submit that the process used to mandate the inoculation against HPV was not a major faux pas but instead a benign effort to prevent a serious sexually transmitted disease.

Reality is sometimes tough, especially when we hold ourselves arrogantly ignorant of what is happening within our society. Our young are very sexually active and it is time to take the blinders off and face that fact. Sex is not the harmless enjoyable pastime we all wish it to be. Promiscuous sexual activity increases the opportunity for contracting sexually transmitted diseases. The more common STD’s (sexually transmitted disease) such as gonorrhea and syphilis can both be cured if caught in time.

HPV is not benign. It can be life threatening at its worst, or with early detection, leave its victim with a very small to no chance of ever being able to have children. I am tired of hearing about our ‘innocent’ 12 year olds. Our innocent young have given us the largest unwed teen pregnancy rate we have ever seen. STD’s including cervical cancers and genital warts are on the rise and yet we somehow find it offensive that a governor tried to protect those ‘innocents’.

Given the knowledge of just how prevalent and dangerous this disease is and you had the ability to prevent it – would you?

Perry’s method to see to it that Texas’s young girls were protected was awkward and left him open to criticism. He has admitted that it was a mistake not to go through the legislative process, but does that invalidate the need for preventing this STD? What would you do if the decision was yours? You could just ignore the situation and pretend that a vaccine was not readily available, or you could take action that would undoubtedly save lives, money, and human misery.

Does it bother you that a company such as Merck, who spent their own money developing Gardasil, the vaccine that helps protect against cervical cancers and genital warts, might make a profit from the drug? Most of you will never open or own a business, but like it or not, the profit system is the inspiration for both the creation and distribution of everything we use. Whether it is the farmer or the grocery store – the cell phone manufacturer or its distributors –drug companies or doctors, all have risked capital with the hope of making a profit. The reward for risk opportunity is how we have the bounty that we enjoy.

The spin masters from opposing candidates and press opposition to conservatism see the issue as a bludgeon to defeat Perry. They paint Perry as some sort of monster because of his efforts to prevent a debilitating and preventable disease.

Perry has also been mischaracterized for his stand on allowing in-state tuition allowances for the children of illegal immigrants. The reality of our government to not control the border has given us this problem. The children of illegal residents are not here because they violated our laws. Either their parents brought them or they were born here. Some may be citizens (the anchor baby law), but under all circumstances, they are residents of Texas.

Since they are residents of Texas, we have a choice. They can either grow up to exploit the welfare and criminal system, or with education, may become productive. What Texas and Perry have done is allow these Texas residents the same tuition rate given to all Texas residents. It is no more complicated than that. Unless we control the border, we will continue to amass these young people and by turning a blind eye to them will only make the matter worse.

It is the federal government who created the problem and continues to exploit illegal immigration for political purposes – not Rick Perry. I applaud Perry’s effort. We have a mess and we need continuing efforts like those of the Texas State Legislature and Governor to make the best of a bad situation. The outrage expressed by those who oppose Perry should give long thought as to the outcome of leaving large segments of the population uneducated. (Especially if they are the children of illegal residents.)

One more thought – Perry is not my candidate of choice at this juncture. I wrote this only because I am opposed to the demonizing and mischaracterization of a conservative candidate done solely to advance a liberal Republican, ala what was done for John McCain in 2007. We have good candidates but it pains the establishment Republicans and Democrats to see a conservative get the nomination. When you decide on your choice, please take a deeper look at the issues. Also look into the possibility that you have been swayed by the endless criticism of a candidate. Go with your gut feelings and not the glitz of sound bites.

It really doesn’t matter if your choice is Perry or not. Just be sure of why you are choosing your favorite and don’t fall victim to the buzz in the press.

Robert welcomes your comment to this or any other of my commentaries.

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