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Obama - Please Resign

Two Peas in a Pod
Brothers in
Tactics and Ambition

Posted on September 7,2011

We no longer need a totally inept, clichéd President. His bungling and adherence to an economical philosophy that has no chance of succeeding can no longer be overlooked. Barack and Michele Obama live high on the hog with zero regard for the money they waste. - Well, no wonder, they aren’t spending their money! Their lifestyle makes a mockery of being responsible. Their extravagant lifestyle sets a poor example for a nation swamped with debt and unemployment. I will not bore you with the details of the fancy lifestyle of the Obama’s. If you are not already aware of their gallivanting around and disregard for the taxpayer’s money, then you have not been alive for the past 3 years.

Make no mistake about it; the way Obama governs is a mirror reflection of his private life. As a nation, we need a president who loves America and has a true appreciation for its greatness. We need someone who will put the nation ahead of the thrills and baubles of the good life. Barack’s disdain for hard work and his poor stewardship is not what the American voter thought they were getting in 2008.

Barack Obama cannot demonstrate leadership because he is no leader. He doesn’t inspire others because he doesn’t have the passion and love for this country held so dear by most Americans. His far leftist views are an amalgamation of the way he was brought up as a child. Remember, his formative years were spent in Indonesia, not America. He is the product of a broken home with a promiscuous mother who had a laissez-faire attitude about life. That same penchant for the good life and disdain for work rubbed off on Barack. He is a product of his roots.

Barack Obama has proven to be a divider. Over the Labor Day weekend, he spoke at a Union rally. His speech was preceded by a fiery tirade by James Hoffa who worked the crowd up into a frenzy against the Tea Party. Hoffa had the group ready to march against and make war on the Tea Party. His was a speech designed to incite the participants against a non-existent enemy. Hoffa’s speech was reminiscent of speeches by cult leaders like Jim Jones or David Koresh.

But it wasn’t Hoffa’s speech that upset me, no; it was Obama’s failure to take a stand against such incendiary and divisive ranting. Instead, Obama thanked and congratulated Hoffa for his rousing speech. Then Obama reverted to the blame game. He blamed the Republicans for all of the nation’s woes in an amateurish attempt to paint the GOP as being against “the working man” for not seeing things his way.

Frankly, we need a president with more class. We need a president that represents all of America and its needs, not one who is constantly driving a wedge between us for the sake of political advantage.

Obama is like a Mardi Gras float rider throwing worthless beads and doubloons to the minions surrounding his float. But the plastic beads and doubloons are only pacifiers to protect him from their wrath. He wears a costume that conceals his true identity and basks in the adulation of a temporarily pacified crowd awaiting their next bauble.

We await his next utterances tomorrow night. Billed as the great deliverance from the oppression of failure; it is sure to be a stem-winder.

Privately, we hope the ventilation system will handle all the hot air that will be expended. The Democrats have already ordered large quantities of hand balm to treat their irritated hands from all the applause they will render unto Obama. Hopefully, this political spectacle will end in time to see the opening game of the 2011-2012 pro-football season.

The only speech I would really like to hear from Obama would be a speech of resignation. He owes that much to the American people for drowning them in debt and crushing the dreams of so many. We have suffered enough damage from this president.

Robert welcomes your comment to this or any other of my commentaries.

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