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Pity for Obama Supporters

Pity for Obama Supporters
Pity for
Obama Supporters

Posted on July 3, 2011

I have felt pity for a lot people throughout my life, but now, there is a whole new category of people to feel pity for … Obama supporters. Those wide eyed believers took Obama at his word that he was the man with solutions for the ills of mankind. His supporters opened the front door for him without checking his credentials. They were in such a lather to nominate him; they never considered that his formative years were spent in a foreign country.

Yes, here was a talented man, a man that could wow them with his golden oratory. The ‘Pied Piper’ comes to mind looking back at Obama’s campaign speeches and the crowds he drew. His mesmerizing campaign speeches caused feinting among the disciples of ‘hope and change’. Such was the allure of Obama on the campaign trail. He sold his fawning minions on the idea that everything wrong with the country and the economy was Bush’s fault and that he (Obama) had the answers – ‘hope and change’.

Meredith Wilson portrayed the shady salesman very well in his Broadway Play ‘The Music Man’. In that play, a charlatan salesman sold a town on the idea of having a band complete with instruments and uniforms. This salesman even sounded like Obama, his intention was to abscond with the money, leaving the town high and dry. His rhetoric was so polished, that he was able to convince the citizens of the town that forming a band would cure the bad habits of their young people. The band would stop their young from playing ‘pool’ and other ‘evil’ activities. It would have been a fiasco for the town had the salesman not fallen in love with the town's Librarian. In the end, he did the right thing, and used the money to buy the instruments and uniforms. The Librarian pulled his fat out of the fire by teaching the youths the rudiments of music.

The play was really a delightful tale that illustrated how susceptible all of us are to those things that reinforce our desires and embellish the need for what we believe to be right. Everybody is susceptible to something.

Unfortunately, President Obama has proven to be a woefully inadequate leader. He is locked into an ideology that is contrary to the well-being of the country. He blames and strikes out at all with an opposing viewpoint. He is a narcissist, and has no idea of how to govern. But sadly, unlike the salesman in the ‘Music Man’, there is no ‘Marian the Librarian’ to bail him and us out of the mess he and the Democrats have gotten us into. He has been a consistent liar, and refuses to man up and accept his failures.

Those who are responsible for Obama winning the presidency should marginalize him, but they will not own up to making a mistake. Liberals never make mistakes. When plans that Liberals make go wrong, it is always somebody else’s fault.

But I do feel sorry for the folks. They were duped and they know it. Obama is a first class charlatan; the country is much worse off than when he took office. Another often missed point is that the Democrats have had the majority of political power since 2007 when they took back the Senate and House. But of course, everything was George Bush’s fault. The Democrats have broken and ruined the country, but it isn’t their fault. Their Utopian ideas don’t work and have never worked and never will work. The reason their ideas end in failure is never that the ideas were unworkable from the start, no; just blame George Bush and the Republicans.

But there is a new day heading for Washington. The ship has to be righted and it will take all hands on deck to get us out of the mess the Democrats have put us in. The mountain of debt, high unemployment, over regulation, and a world that has lost respect for us are just a few of the problems that need mending. Some of the medicine might be hard to swallow, but if things are to be made right again, we need to get on with it.

Any of the Republican candidates would do us proud. All want a balanced budget amendment to get us away from the spending spree Obama has given us. The President and the Congress must figure out a way to quit spending what they don’t have. We have to discard the notion that we can spend our way to prosperity.

The depth and scope of Obama’s upcoming defeat will be historical. His left-wing ideas will be thoroughly discredited. Those who have lost their jobs due to Obama’s stupidity and rigid left-wing ideology will not support Obama again. The students who rallied to Obama are not stupid; they can see for themselves the ruination that has been caused by his left-wing agenda. The youth vote will abandon Obama in droves. Obama has sacked and looted this nation, dashing the hopes for opportunity held by the young. Obama will pay the price for his folly.

Yes, come November 2012, the worst president in our history will be humiliated. The torch Obama lit in 2008 has dwindled into a candle and by November 2012, it will be just an ash pile of forfeited dreams once held by those misguided people who voted for him. As stated in the beginning of this piece, I feel real pity for all of those Obama supporters who allowed themselves to be enthralled by this golden voiced salesman.

Be of good cheer, the day for dumping Obama is drawing ever closer. November 2012 is just a little over a year away.

Robert welcomes your comment to this or any other of my commentaries.

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