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Destructive Welfare System

America's Needy

Legacy of Federal
Welfare System

Posted on September 20,2010

Since this blog started in 2006, there is one certainty about liberals. They are plainspoken and very emotional.

If the emails I receive from both sides of the political spectrum are any indicator, then the liberals win hands down on the creative use of 4 letter words. It is patently obvious from reading their comments that articulating their point is impossible without the generous use of profanity, name-calling, or derisive statements.

Liberals exhibit an emotional side that bears no resemblance to logic, but instead, preys upon those who accept the idea that every misfortunate individual is a victim. They are the victims of avarice and greed.

The liberals do not want to see lifeís efforts rewarded. Liberals do not equate effort with reward. Instead, liberals want to take the rewards gained from effort by the achievers through taxation and redistribute those rewards to those who have no ambition other than wanting. To the liberal, it is only fair. This is a generalization, but the non-achievers do not bother with an education, start a business, pay only minimum taxes, live in subsidized housing, enjoy free groceries, and get free healthcare.

To be sure, what they receive isnít much and the recipients realize it isnít much. It is just enough to live day to day. It is just enough to satisfy basic needs, and remove the incentive for achieving more. Welfare, as currently constituted, is a poverty trap.

It may be that I am personally too biased to write this piece. But please believe it when I say that I have no axe to grind with the people receiving welfare benefits, but instead, I want to voice an opinion against the policies and politics that bind our poor into servitude.

Did I say servitude? Yes! It is like owning a pet. A pet gets free food and lodging as long as it pays patronage to its owner. It is a form of servitude. The pet is dependent on the master to provide food and shelter. The master provides these things as long as the pet lives according to the masters rules. The pet eats whatever the master provides, and sleeps where the master dictates, some have to accept apartment lock-up all day, and of course toilet training. The petís goodies are not free Ė the pet has to be loyal and friendly. Our chronic welfare recipients are under the same guidelines.

Welfare recipients maintain their loyalty to liberals by voting for the Democrats. Do I imply that welfare recipients are comparable to kept pets? In a word, yes! It is an unholy alliance. The system needs restructuring. When a person is in need, help should be available, but not from the government. Local charities are much better suited to help with the needy. Keeping people as government dependents is dehumanizing as well as disgraceful.

There is also logic in putting neighbors, churches and other local charities in charge of helping the needy. Locally derived money and not the blind never-ending source of federal dollars provide natural encouragement to get off the dole. When a needy person has to face those people footing the bill, attitudes change.

Contrast that scene with the person(s) receiving perpetual benefits from unnamed, unseen people. That system has no incentive for the recipient(s) to remedy the bad situation. The system we now employ to help the needy actually encourages the status quo. Absent in the current system is the disdain from those having to foot the bills for the person(s) getting the help. The person getting the help never has to face those who pay the bills. By not having to acknowledge the benefactors of the help, the beneficiary only sees an unending source with no idea of where the help originates.

The current system also foments resentment from those receiving benefits. By design, they stay perpetually needy enabling the fertile grounds for class envy. And our politicians do not miss any opportunity to use class envy with welfare recipients. Politically, it is all about securing a vote rather than actually making things better for the individuals in need. The welfare system as we know it today is nothing more than a political tool for the purpose of acquiring and maintaining political power. The jaws of poverty squeeze the poor in that effort. Liberals keep the poor in a never improving situation just for the benefit of maintaining a leftist ideology that elevates only the elitists.

It is saddening to know that so many fellow countrymen embrace the liberal philosophy. These people believe that more charity will solve the problems. They are not politicians, they are big-hearted people who really believe in reaching out and helping our poverty ravaged citizens. The liberals I know only want to help. Fundamentally, they do not see the ravages of ruin created by a political agenda; instead, they see the area and people as needing more help. Liberals do not explore the underlying dynamics of these poor sections of town.

Liberal politicians see only opportunity for power. Promises of more benefits and righteous arguments demonizing the rich always score big with the poor. The poor never hear that they are only pawns for political gain. Maintaining the status quo and keeping poverty rampant is the liberal politicianís ticket to success. This strategy only works if we have poverty. It has proved to be a winning message for liberal politicians.

Traditional Republicans have not had the will to confront this issue. Accusations of racism and bigotry ring out with every attempt to broach the subject of the terrible mess spawned by liberals. We must confront the liberals about the harm they are doing before there is an eruption of violence caused by their harsh demonization of our achievers. The rhetoric against our achievers reverberates all the way down to all of our jobs and security.

These are examples of the harmful effects of over taxing and regulating the rich.

Case 1: A rich man will buy a yacht with his personal disposable money. But when the government taxes his disposable income, the yacht goes unsold. What happens to the jobs provided to build the yacht?

Case 2: Do any of you remember when plasma flat screen televisions were over $10,000 each? The wealthy bought those expensive sets enabling the manufacturers to develop cheaper production techniques so that the rest of us could enjoy high-definition in our homes.

Case 3: Now look at those big fancy houses in the upscale neighborhoods. Who do you think buys those homes? Yes, again it is those rascally wealthy. Who do you think earned the money for building and supplying the material for those homes? You are right; the workingman gained from the largess of the rich.

I could go on and on about how the wealthy enrich all of our lives. The rich and ambitious spread the money around shared by the rest of us. Rich and ambitious people provide opportunities for the rest of us only if allowed to preserve some of their gains for personal spending or investment. Why would anybody make investments if there were no potential for a reward? How could anybody justify making those gaudy purchases when the government taxes their disposable income? Why would a society choose to stop people via taxation from being ostentatious and making the purchases that keep the rest of us employed.

This country desperately needs to teach our young that everybody has the opportunity to go as far as their ambitions will take them. It really doesnít have anything to do with race, ethnic origin, or sex. We need to quit using that old saw of class warfare, which only creates animosity between us.

Why canít we try instilling into our students real hope and teach the power of reward for effort? In school, the emphasis is on being non-competitive. They never teach the benefits of establishing a business. Incredibly, we do not teach negotiating loans, starting a business, or the issue of how taxation is harmful to freedom. You will not find these issues in the school curriculum at all. The idea of Ďonenessí may be soothing to egalitarians, but in truth, it robs our young of the competitive spirit and knowledge that is so necessary for success.

Outspoken emotionalism expressed in the basest of terms benefit no one. The left needs to do some soul searching about their goals and whether the path they choose to get there is helpful or not.

Vote Conservative in November to get us back on course.

"Statistics: The only science that enables different experts using the same figures to draw different conclusions."
- Evan Esar


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