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It Is About Race

The Plantation

Keeping Them on the

Posted on August 29,2010

The race card just can’t seem to get a break. Black enclaves still haven’t assimilated into the general population and racism seems to be worse everywhere one turns. After passage of the last great civil rights legislation, any normal thought at the time would not have entertained the possibility that after 50 years, things would be worse.

But worse may be an understatement. And before I continue with this discourse, I want to acknowledge that small percentage of Blacks who did decide to assimilate into our culture and have earned the respect they deserve. Our culture is not an easy place to achieve and those who do achieve under our system, certainly earn our admiration. Achievement as defined in this piece is independence. How much wealth a person may accumulate is not a qualifier for achievement. Wealth is more of a money management strategy. Every achiever has the opportunity for accumulating wealth. But the first step always starts with being an achiever. (This piece ignores windfalls – lotteries, inheritance, etc.)

A person who is an achiever is someone who has learned how to and is making his/her own headway without the props of government (or even family). So everyone living government free and independent, take a bow. Anybody else within their earning years between 18-65 years old, physically able, and needs government support or aid, you are a dependent and are milking the rest of us for your existence.

Dependency is an accursed position. Dependent persons always have to be subservient to those who supply their needs. So say hello to big government and the perpetrators of this system, the Democrats. God forbid that Blacks would ever become independent. Democratic Party politics doesn’t allow for the Black Race to be independent. The Democrats bask in the sunlight of the Black vote and have no plans to do otherwise.

No, the thought of anybody intentionally wanting to do harm to the Black Race is not a part of this piece. Many Democrats honestly believe that the Black Race needs subsidies to help bridge the gap between the achievers and non-achievers. There is little confidence that the Black race is capable of doing for themselves from within the Democratic ranks. The lament of this piece is the terrible destruction done to a race of people because of Democratic Party policies. The thrust of the Democratic Party is to maintain the Black Race as dependents thus securing their votes. The power of the Black voting block is often the difference between winning and losing elections for Democrats.

Here is a question for you non-Blacks. While driving through any town or city, can you spot the Black neighborhoods? If you answered yes, then pat yourself on the back. If you answered no, then without hesitancy, I assume that you have never ventured out of your peaceful well-manicured neighborhoods. The rest of your town or city may as well be fly-over country.

The Black enclaves are usually those squalid, run-down parts of town populated only by the poor. To be sure, this is not an attempt to broad-brush every poor neighborhood, but generally speaking, one of the most noticeable missing traits in these poor neighborhoods is pride. Pride in the neighborhood doesn’t begin or end with the amount of money available to its residents. Pride demonstrates itself with well-tended lawns and a general neatness about the house that makes the statement – poor but proud. The usual fare in these neighborhoods is ravaged buildings with a lot of debris scattered about.

The great unifier for the Black underclass is poverty. Poverty becomes a badge of honor treated with respect within the Black community. Those Blacks that transgress and leave their poverty behind to achieve and become a part of the larger community earn the label ‘Uncle Tom’. This is unfortunate because the negative connotation that goes with the label discourages young Blacks from articulating any hope of escaping from their reality. Each discouraged Black that accepts his/her role in the poverty trap is another voter for Democrats.

Such willful intentions by a major political party are also unfair to the mainstream non-Black Democrats. The Party elites teach its members that they are helping the poor with these demeaning policies. They tell the party faithful that their social programs enhance the pitiful living conditions of poor Blacks. Most Democrats believe their leaders about these policies. They fail to see what their eyes and ears tell them. The average Democrat is blind to the results of their destructive policies.

The politics of race is despicable. Yet it thrives, aided by a select group of Black leaders who are able to enrich themselves by promoting the politics of prejudice.

We can only hope that the Democrats destructive hand does not reach out to destroy our largest growing minority, the Latinos. Educating Latinos about the dangers of becoming dependent upon the government is vitally important. They have to learn what we have been unable to teach the general Black population. Acceptance of dependency upon the government is a colossal trap to avoid at all cost. A self-reliant person is a free person. A person that allows him/her self to become dependent is no longer free but tied to the dictates of others.

Racial politics are killers of a society. Racial politics binds one group into having to agree to the terrible terms of poverty instead of the freedom to realize their dreams. Racial politics promotes discouragement of hope that is so vital to becoming an achiever. The nation needs achievers. We are all better off having achievers populating our nation rather than a population of non-achievers.

Support Conservatism,

"Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement." - Unknown, quoted by Jim Horning"


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