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The Weaker Sex

The Weaker Sex

The Universal Female

Posted on August 4,2006

Weaker SexThe accessibility of women has collided with societies for thousands of years. We marvel at the power women have to disrupt the peace. A woman can elevate a man to astounding heights, or, deflate him to the deepest of depths. The very nature of a society seeks to provide a setting for like minded people to be able to live in harmony with as little disruption as possible. But women, the ‘weaker sex’, have been responsible for many of the rules governing our societies and the way societies are structured. Coming to grips with the ‘weaker sex’ has been an exasperating experience throughout history. Civilizations and religions have sought (and still seeking) ways to minimize the social damage resulting from the accessible woman.

The Universal Female: Weaker Sex as used in this article refers not to the physical weakness of women compared to men, but to their lack of restraint in matters of sex. The final paragraph deals with the unfairness of the historical rap on women.

Accessible Woman: The accessible woman still manages to disrupt and influence societies. Because of her liaisons, not only have civil wars been fought, but her social relationships with government officials have created monumental scandals, and sent legislatures into a frenzy creating new laws to meet the resulting situations. The accessible woman creates havoc whether overt or subtle. This behavior diminishes the trust of her committed partner, brings children into the world with doubt as to parentage, and exposes the conceived child to abortion. (Along with many other problems.) Children raised without both parents, grow up with questions about their missing parent. Children very much need the balance of having both a father and mother. Women bear the burden of being the child bearers for humans and, are, by default, entrusted with the responsibility for making sure that the partner they choose will help with the development of that child.(ideally speaking of course) The mate selection process is essentially instinctive, and the woman, generally will be attracted to the stronger males. While there is never a shortage of willing men to father a child, their numbers dwindle substantially when confronted with the responsibility for a child. A lot of strong males do not want the responsibility of a child, but never the less, do father a lot of children because of the enabling process of women.

Mate Selection: Women’s mate selection process is wired to them. Remember, humans have been around a lot longer than any of our modern civilizations. Looking at the time line for humans, women have spent a lot more time sidling up to the best hunters of a group than trying to cope with the norms of a society. From day one of human history, women were groomed to rely on and be influenced by the strong. (Or it could be rewritten to say “so they could influence the strong”)

Society Foundings: The founding of settlements and societies gave rise to better security and a more permanent living environment. Crops were planted and people stayed put as opposed to wandering around and living off the land. Life was not as hard or demanding as the hunter/gatherer world. This meant that the weaker among us had more of a role in human society. These weaker humans who would have not survived the harsh world of the hunter/gatherers, were now in a position to influence society in different ways. They became the artisans, and intellectuals of the new societies. They made themselves indispensable to these societies with their contributions. Over time, using their intellect, they would become the societies’ leaders.

Carnal Problems Among the problems which had to be solved by the fledgling societies were the many squabbles between men over the accessible woman, and men’s gravitation to the younger women, abandoning their older mates and offspring. The new 'leader' class which arose because of civilization, had won the day, and they set out to curb our primal urges so that people could live together peacefully. Rules evolved which would blunt the natural instincts of humans so that we could live in harmony. (Ha!) Every society devised rules of the road to enable a less violent existence. An existence that would promote a national identity and enable the society to defend itself when necessary.

Marraige Beginnings: The established rules for maintaining a society included a partnership between the woman and her mate. This partnership would create a more secure environment for the children and curb our more aggressive instincts. The partnership would evolve into what we call marriage. To prevent infidelity, marriage was bolstered with rules such as; ‘being shameful to have children out of wedlock’, and only ‘cads’ would try and take advantage of another man’s wife. Think of all the rules that are concerned with maintaining a civil society and you will find that they encompass a lot of basic ideas such as not stealing, no murdering, or cheating and so forth. Societies cannot exist if individual discipline is not maintained. No matter what religion a person may be or which society he lives in, faith is the main ingredient for adherence to these rules of society. The state enforcement is there for the incorrigibles. Faith is the keystone of maintaining order within a society. Should the moral bindings of these rules of society be eliminated, no number of police would be able to keep harmony (the police would also be corrupted). As long as we maintain a moral base, then we can continue on our own recognizance. (freedom)

Ladies Choose the Mate: Today’s definition of a prime bread winner has changed, but women’s mate selection process has not. As a rule, the accessible woman will still seek out the most dominant male available for breeding, but hedges her bet when it comes to wealth and social standing. Men are likewise wired to sire offspring at every opportunity. These traits are firmly rooted from the days before marraige when maintaining a viable population was necessary. Primarily, we are still what we used to be; men seeking any opportunity for a woman’s favor, and women, knowing this, using every opportunity to her advantage.

Compassionate: Humans have another trait which comes into the picture. We are compassionate. Compassion is one of the fundamental reasons for our success as a species. We look out for each other. At least we used to. Unwanted children pose to society, a real challenge today. Unwanted children are usually the product of either a faulty mate selection process or the result of ordinary lust and selfishness. There are those among us who want to abort unwanted babies, but the compassion felt by others for a developing child, cannot abide abortion. The friction between the two groups is palpable. Ideally, the best way to avoid this pitfall would be to not conceive without prior commitment from both partners.

Other Cultures: Throughout the different cultures, the accessible woman’s weak resolve in matters of mating, have produced an amazing number of solutions. Here are a few of them, some are entertaining while others are dreadful. All are part and parcel at maintaining order within a society.

Islam: The Moslem religion touts their system as the best solution. A Moslem girl is promised to her suitor at a very early age, the teachings of the Koran allow marriage as soon as the girl reaches child bearing age – somewhere between nine and thirteen years old. This process evolved because of the very nature of young girls. To not use this method, it is noted with certainty, that unbridled, the young girls have sex with many partners and sometimes become pregnant with no means of support for the child. This behavior also brings shame to the girl’s family. Worst of all, because of her many liaisons, she becomes a woman that the men will not marry nor respect. She and her offspring will forever become beggars and prostitutes. Moslems are strong in their defense of their policy. The girl is committed before puberty, providing protection for her and her children. Moslem’s also inhibit female education because education provides a platform of freedom that leads to friction with their husbands.

Tribal Africa: The tribes people of Kenya approach the problem differently. A young girl is allowed to have relationships and then she goes through a ritual which removes (or damages) her clitoris. The process also removes the satisfaction of sex, enough so, that her incentive to ‘experiment’ with other partners is removed.

Medieval Times: In medieval Europe, and in Early North America, promiscuous women were deemed to be ‘witches’ and were often tortured or killed. After all, being possessed by the devil was a great sin in those times. Even in the book of Genesis, it was Eve who was to blame. She was the weak one and caused Adam all the grief.

The Jews: The Jewish religion sought to handle the problem differently. Their solution was a monogamous relationship backed up by the Ten Commandments which called on men and women to respect their union. What is really different about the Jewish law was the inclusion of the men. They too, would be culpable for transgressing. (Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife) The Jews made it a no-no for men venturing outside of their marriage.

Modern America: Modern day America is a mish-mash of a lot of different cultures. The threat of hell and the promise of heaven used to be the hammer which kept the faithful in line. The accessible woman would be branded as ‘scarlet’ and ostracized from ‘dignified’ society when she transgressed. But this approach doesn’t have the steam that it once had.

Modern Contraception: The last hundred years has seen the rise of women’s political power. Women have gained enough political power to exploit their sexuality. The ‘pill’ and other contraceptives have empowered women to new heights. The need for a woman to carefully scrutinize her prospective mate has been diminished with the advent of modern contraception. Sex has been reinvigorated as the entertainment of choice for a lot of people. History will note this turn of events and be the judge of its success or failure. I can only give my perspective to what is happening. My next article on this subject will detail the consequences of unbridled indiscriminate sex. Look for it soon.

In Conclusion: In fairness, being a man, this article could have been written with the opposite theme and declared that men were the weak ones. Truthfully, men are putty when caught up in the wiles of a woman. But history didn’t see it that way. Societies have all ganged up on the woman and men were given a pass. Although unheralded, there are two sides to this story. Personally, I wouldn’t want a woman to be any different. I like them just the way they are. If women were not at least a little accessible, we probably wouldn’t be here today. Also, it should be noted that large numbers of married women are loyal and, definitely cannot be categorized as either the ‘weaker sex’ or as an accessible woman. I both applaud and salute these strong ladies.

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